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Ducks on the Pond Looking for Writers!


Howdy Reader(s)!


We’ve been terrible about posting, we know.  L.J. Hoes is in primetime  Houston, the Celtics are now located in Brooklyn , the Sox have doubled down and cowboy’d up with Peavy, and other gnarly stuff I personally am glad we abstained from writing about.

But football is itching to come about and the playoff picture is coming in to place and we want to get serious.  So help us out!  If you like to write, or ramble, about sports, send us a sample!  We’d love to get some folks contributing on, well, whatever sports you’re into, we suppose.

If you look at the tone of the site, all we ask is you be respectful(ish) and passionate about the sports you write about!  So if you’re looking for a space to vent some thoughts on sports in your idle time, here’s Vinnie the Gooch extending a personal invitation – come join us at Ducks on the Pond, the pay is non-existent, but it feels good to vent, folks.

email anything you’d like us to read at duckscheckemails @ or tweet us if you’re interested @duckfromthepond 


Here’s to you and your future & current fantasy teams readers, you’ll see no Riley Cooper dark horse candidate articles here.


– V 


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Weekend Hijinks: Why Baseball is Great


As I sit here watching the opening weekend of the new baseball season, I cannot help but think about how much I love this sport.  Fantasy baseball has only expanded this love, as now I actually have a reason to care about Willie Bloomquist’s day-to-day game log.  Fantasy baseball comes out somewhere around #115 on the list I have in my head of why baseball is great.  So in honor of the REAL opening day(s) (sorry, Japan), here are a smattering of reasons why baseball is great that are floating in my brain right now.  Enjoy.


that’s Chewbacca.  On a pitcher’s mound.

#999,888,777,666 – Laughing at people who don’t get it.

#66 – The Lingo

If the name of our blog wasn’t a clue….

Baseball has a whole dialect, a whole different set of idioms, analogies and traditional phrases that simply don’t make sense.  I made this a general topic so it would include everything from home run calls to dugout talk because it is all great.

2 out hits get you to heaven.


In his day, he was a handsome man.

They’re going out of style, sort of, but man do I love baseball cards.  Every parent has a story about them.  Seriously, go ask.  They’re the only sports cards that are cool.

Do you know someone, old or young who collected baseball cards?  I’m sure you do.  Do you know anyone who isn’t a complete goof who collected another sports card?  They’re probably weird.  Just sayin’.

#24 – George Kenneth Griffey Jr.

This is meant to be a light and silly post, so I will not spend nearly the appropriate amount of time gushing about one of my favorite players in any sport of all time.  He was a joy to watch, both offensively and especially defensively in his heyday and brought such crazy goofy joy to the sport it was hard not to root for him.  He grinned like a kid every time he made one of his signature up-the-wall catches as if he was surprised by his agility too.  And damn, those catches.  You can see him narrate some of them in a cool clip here.  Or’s top ten memories here.  Or do a Google search to pull up any of his dozens of jaw-dropping web gems.  He also had one of the greatest baseball games of all time, for N64

classic classic classic

#13 – The Seventh Inning Stretch.

Mr. Caray loved his job

I feel this needs little explanation.  Do other sports take a break and have the whole stadium sing?  I rest my case.

#10 – Peter Gammons

the mustache presented without comment.

Peter Gammons is a national treasure.  I honestly cannot tell you a single negative thing I’ve heard about the guy.  He’s professional, witty, beyond knowledgeable and overall a nice, likable guy.  Oh, and he jams.  He is the baseball reporter reporters strive to be and has been for decades and is a constant in the sport.  So why doesn’t he have a theme song you ask? Oh wait, the fine Youtube user mhouchin created this gem:

Simply splendid.

#9 – Ted Williams (okay, Joe DiMaggio too)

I’m a baseball history junkie and these two players, any and all admitted bias aside, are simply two of the most fascinating men to ever play the game.  If you’ve never read Richard Ben Cramer’s book What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?  I’ve linked to it for you (click) so you can buy it on Amazon.  Just a revelation on what made Ted tick.  He is a truly unique and uniquely quotable man.  As for DiMaggio, it goes without saying you should learn about him.  From the streak to Marilyn Monroe to having this song written about him (and curiously called out by Simon and Garfunkel.  Joe’s response to Ms. Robinson? “I just did a Mr. Coffee commercial, I’m a spokesman for the Bowery Savings Bank and I haven’t gone anywhere!”  Heh.).  Joe DiMaggio lived a life most of us only dream about and both he and Williams were figureheads of the defining era of baseball, in my opinion.

#5 –   The Sandlot. More generally, baseball movies.

Without baseball, we would never have the greatest sports movie of all time.  We also wouldn’t have this one

Or this one

3 of my favorite quotable scenes of all time.  Thank you, baseball.

#2 – The Knuckleball

Other sports copy it.  Millions try to imitate it.  For me, there is something delightful about the pitch so few can throw.  It kind of makes them like Jedi.  It defies gravity and logic.  It also is my way of cheating and tying in Wiffle Ball into the discussion, as despite what history might say, I’m going to assume someone invented the Wiffle Ball in an attempt to recreate a knuckleball on a smaller scale.  That’s just what I’m choosing to believe.

I’ve sat here trying to think of another sports equivalent and am generally coming up empty.  What else is so odd, rare, yet effective as a knuckleball.  Well, this:

But that only matches in oddness.  Anyone can learn to shoot a free throw like that.  I bet you can’t throw a knuckleball.

#1 – The Fans

Awwww.  Will, you’re such a softie!  No, not exactly.  Baseball fans are such an interesting mix to me.  Some of the smartest minds in the world become complete buffoons when talking baseball and some of the biggest buffoons in the world can instantly make you feel small with their impeccable baseball knowledge.  With the emergence of sabermetrics and advanced statistics, the blending has become even more pronounced.  I don’t think other sports have the same diversity in types of players, employees, and fans.  One of my favorite examples is in Texas, where the Rangers spend millions on Latin players, have a GM who looks like he’s 16 who was a nerd at Cornell, and are owned by one of the most firery farmboy flamethrowers of all time.  There are plenty of things you could tell me are wrong with baseball, but the smash-up of cultures and personalities has always been (and hopefully will continue to be) what makes the sport so deeply fascinating to me, beyond even the game itself.

he owns a team, folks. and the guy getting whupped manages one.

There’s my smattering of reasons.  It is by no means a thorough list (The real list goes on and on in my head.).  To any readers and all people accidentally reading this page in the hopes of finding actual ducks on water, why do YOU like baseball so much?  Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter.

Happy season, everyone.



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I wanna be in that FAN CAVE.  Application: sent.


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Adding Credibility to Our Blog, a Tiny Speck in the Internet Babble Universe

Someone’s in a legitimate News publication…….

only a matter of time before I can get iced out like Gucci


While it would have been an inappropriate time to plug the site, I expect readership to double with my newfound fame.  So to all 3 of our new readers, welcome.


It’s a good article, Mr. Peter May is a fine reporter.  Enjoy.



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Well hello ladies and gents, welcome back to DotP!


I’m so glad to be back and it’s nice to see the dozens of people who have passed over our site in the last…. well…. suffice to say it has been a while.

To be fair, Dave is a real person now with a job and stuff and I’ve been off fighting crime in Gotham City, perhaps you’ve heard of me?


Apologies to those select few of you who actually followed us when we made that first push, we certainly had some good ideas (the DBacks staff, Drew Stubbs) but we obviously ran out of steam, for a variety of reasons.


No mas.  We’re back and we’re so much more.  I’ll be back writing as much as possible here, mostly about baseball in general now, but also about the sports world on the whole.  I’ve also linked up with the super cool Emerson College Sports Business Society, so check out some of my posts there, as well as some interesting stuff going on in the Boston area, as well as some talented writers.


I’ll re-up my game on twitter and hopefully we can get some of that momentum back.  Baseball season is never over for a true fan and there is quite literally never nothing to talk about in the sports world.  I also almost always have something to say about EVERYTHING, so hopefully we can get this discussion moving.


Here’s to hoping there’s an NBA season (don’t anyone hold their breath, though),

nope. things are decidedly NOT a-ok, mr. stern


Will aka Vinnie the Gooch









oh, and as always, please enjoy the Black Keys

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Lyle Overbay Clears Waivers…

… in other news, there was a bear.  In the woods.  Who took a

Dumping on Lyle Overbay aside, MLBTradeRumors is great about keeping us up to date about the comings and goings of the league.  Though the trade deadline has passed, there are still moves to be made and fantasy-interesting ones at that.  Lyle Overbay might not be one of them, but guys like Beltran, Dunn etc. all COULD move, so it’s fun to speculate and think of the fantasy ramifications.  Stay tuned…


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Authors Update

First off, we love you guys.  At least the people that get us.  I have conceded most of my role as writer because I don’t want to keep this blog from its full potential….which is Will’s writing.  I am still hard at work sourcing ideas and want this to keep growing as much as anyone.

Our ying/yang partnership is steadily working on our best idea yet.  This blog has basically been a test drive without us even realizing it.   Stay tuned.

Shake & Bake

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All Star Game Starters: What do ya think?

We’ve decided to experiment with a more hands-on aspect of the blog today…

With the MLB All-Star Game (slash mid-way point of the season) approaching at the beginning of July it’s time for Joe Girardi(AL manager) and Chucky Manuel(NL manager) to make their overblown and insignificant decision of WHO be the All-Star game starting pitchers.

A lot of talk has been done here in Boston regarding the success of Clay Buchholz – on and off the field…she’s a babe SHWING. The young Buch recently tabbed his 10th win of the year, has molded a tremendous ERA under 2.5 – something John Lackey cannot say he’s accomplished under his new contract – and certainly has made himself a more than viable candidate for the AL starting job.

So here at ducksonthepond, we invite each of our readers to vote who they believe deserves to pitch the first inning for the respective leagues next month in Anaheim…

Just post what you think under our ‘comments’ link below and feel free to say why:


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I’m Just Pointing Out …

Looks like we beat Yahoo to the punch again, with our Kila Monster update….

US chasing Yahoo, it’s a metaphor guys.  Come on.

nice face, Punto

…….Now if we could only figure out how to get someone to host a segment with some of that newfangled technology for us……

Hoping we can keep up this breakneck pace for all the tens of loyal readers,


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