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Ducks on the Pond Looking for Writers!


Howdy Reader(s)!


We’ve been terrible about posting, we know.  L.J. Hoes is in primetime  Houston, the Celtics are now located in Brooklyn , the Sox have doubled down and cowboy’d up with Peavy, and other gnarly stuff I personally am glad we abstained from writing about.

But football is itching to come about and the playoff picture is coming in to place and we want to get serious.  So help us out!  If you like to write, or ramble, about sports, send us a sample!  We’d love to get some folks contributing on, well, whatever sports you’re into, we suppose.

If you look at the tone of the site, all we ask is you be respectful(ish) and passionate about the sports you write about!  So if you’re looking for a space to vent some thoughts on sports in your idle time, here’s Vinnie the Gooch extending a personal invitation – come join us at Ducks on the Pond, the pay is non-existent, but it feels good to vent, folks.

email anything you’d like us to read at duckscheckemails @ or tweet us if you’re interested @duckfromthepond 


Here’s to you and your future & current fantasy teams readers, you’ll see no Riley Cooper dark horse candidate articles here.


– V 


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It’s Time for the Craig Sagers to Go Away

This movie is crazy sad, so it's ok how mean the implication is ('s that Craig Sager ought to be put down, dummy)

SPOILER: The 1957 Old Yeller  movie is crazy sad.  Make your kids watch it early on to learn some valuable life lessons.


Meanness Alert:  Alert Level 10 (on a scale of 1 to Regina George)

Truthfully, I mean to be only partially as mean as it may appear above.  Craig Sager is merely an audaciously dressed version of a terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad evolution in sports: the sideline reporter.  Craig Sager is often the most flamboyant, but they all need to be taken behind a shed and put down like Old Yeller  go away.

I mean this not as some groundbreaking revelation. Rather, I have reached my breaking point.

At some point, perhaps, sideline reporters offered a unique perspective. In days of yore (maybe not YOUR yore, but someone’s yore), indeed a sideline reporter was in fact in a unique position – on the sideline. This may have at some points offered them opportunities to find out new information, but in today’s technological, all-access world the sideline is relegated to this:

Or this.  Look Here.  Here.  Deadspin is of course all over this idea.  This thing Here.  Example also found…Here.  Aw, hell, here’s a compilation of Popovich owning sideline reporters.

Embarrassing. This grown ass man (in Sager’s case – I did my best to not provide ONLY Sager links) is made a fool of by asking an entirely irrelevant question, getting a terse if not combative answer, trying again, then grinning like an idiot.  Sideline reporting today has reached the same level as the ‘four corner ‘ offense. It must go, and it must go now, for our sanity.

Again, I do not mean to pick on Sager. It’s just easy. You can quickly find any number of examples on the Internet of sideline reporters’ failures or lack of importance, just as I did above.  It took me all of 4 minutes. I mean, sure, I don’t mind looking at Erin Andrews, but she adds literally nothing of value and should really be an embarrassment to actual, knowledgeable female fans worldwide (this issue of female reporters and commentators in Sports is a larger concern and deserves a longer, better thought out discussion in its own right).

Coaches do not want to talk to someone after a half, quarter or (the most egregious and awful idea ever) inning, and certainly not after a game, win or lose.  Players sure as hell don’t want to talk regardless of outcome partly out of convenience, partly for their own sake. Some guys know in the heat of battle they are going to say something they might have to answer for. OK, only a few of them think like that, most players are one opening of the mouth away from a necessary public apology.  Forget their concerns, I can’t imagine the public is clamoring for more of this:

This example obviously falls under the category of ‘satire,’ but it is not far from the truth.  So maybe that’s what sideline reporting has devolved into – plodding dumbassery, coachspeak and cliches, waiting for that one time where they can catch someone saying something stupid in the heat of a competitive moment. It seems likely to me. Which is very, very sad.

We as sports fans and channels as sports entertainment producers have moved past the need for sideline reporters, nay sideline REPORTING, altogether, the way it is conducted now. The practice is stale, remaining as some foolhardy tradition, an embarrassment of excess and world-class BS. With the amount of pre-game, halftime/break-time, and post-game coverage, analysis and preparation – shouldn’t the men and women covering the games already be capable of reporting the coach was really happy with his team’s choice of pre game snack of Honey Bunches of Oats?

I’m sure there is a place for reporting from the sideline, somehow. I don’t know if I have the answer. I do know that the Craig Sagers of the world need to go away.  At least get a new angle and a makeover.

Or does everyone really feel comfortable with this guy posing as a source of ‘information’?

With all due respect to Craig Sager, you and your brethren make me want to not watch sports. So I suppose if you’re in cahoots with the radio industry… then bravo, you evil geniuses.


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Greatest Of All Time (GOATs): The Time is Now

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

-the indelible Ferris Bueller

Ferris stated simply yet so powerfully a truth that haunts us all, but even more daunting than the speed with which life flies by is the pace at which sports travel—from one era, superstar, or scandal to the next before we can even appreciate what we are lucky enough to witness firsthand.

As I sit here gagging at the shallow yet relentless spectacle that is NBA All-Star Weekend (I appreciate Big Shot Bob Horry as much as the next guy but JUST SHOW ME DUNKS), I want to be negative and cynical; I want to yell that my sports world can never be rebuilt into a fantasyland of innocent admiration, that steroids and Twitter and self-promotion and wide receivers and the 2012 Red Sox have forever tarnished my view. But I can’t.

You see, we in fact live right now in a time when the greatest of all time are growing, performing, and dominating right before our eyes. Let’s stop on this most lame of sports weekends and look around:

Albert Pujols


In a landscape marred by PEDs (see our horrifying expose here), decreasing national interest, and falling heroes (say it ain’t so, Mr. Braun!), Pujols continues to go about his business of entering the discussion of GOAT. His charming disposition aside (that’s for another time), Pujols will, assuming 5-7 years of near-peak performance, near the home run mark of “Home Run King” Barry Bonds, the Worst King of Anything Ever. Considering that Pujols is not only protected by the otherworldy talent that is Mike Trout but also now by the bat of Josh Hamilton, 300 more HR is not out of the question by any means. With 10 top-10 MVP finishes (and 3 wins) in only 12 seasons, Pujols has astounded with his consistency as well as his power and efficiency (see .325 career average and 42 doubles per season).

Don’t just stay up to watch Trout follow up his unprecedented rookie season: make sure to remember Albert Pujols, soon to be considered one of the GOAT.

Lionel Messi

 I won’t pretend to know much about soccer (although I did captain the worst middle school team ever to a respectable 2-10 campaign), but every sports fan should be able to appreciate the beautiful dominance of the Beautiful Game that Messi brings on a daily basis. There is more to be done for his Argentina team that has disappointed at times on the world stage, but Messi has never failed to amaze, whether in short spurts (five goals in one game!) or over a prolonged period of time (FIFA Ballon d’Or 2009-12, only player to win it four times. He’s 25.).

Despite this outfit, NOW is as good a time as ever for us narrow-minded, anti-soccer sports fans to take notice of Messi, as he has scored in FOURTEEN STRAIGHT GAMES and has amassed 48 GOALS IN JUST 34 GAMES THIS SEASON. Soccer players who score in half their games are considered among the best in the world. With his numbers, Messi is among the GOAT.

Greatest ever? We shall see.

Lebron James

There is not much to be said about Lebron that isn’t said every other day on ESPN, but some things bear repeating: 27.6 PPG, 7.2 RPG, and 6.9 APG for one year would be amazing. These are Lebron’s career numbers! And he seems to still be growing into a more complete player! And he is playing looser and more efficiently now that he won a ring! And he’s only 28!!!  This is Lebron’s 10th season. He’s made 10 All-Star teams, will soon have finished top 10 in MVP voting 10 times (Top 5 8 times), and it is safe to assume he will remain in these positions for the foreseeable future (DID I MENTION HE’S ONLY 28?!!?). Not only has Lebron been top 2 in the NBA in scoring for the past 8 years, he’s been top 10 in assists five times and top 10 in minutes played 7 times!

Lebron will play for at least eight more seasons. He will win at least another two championships and cement his legacy, win however many MVPs he feels necessary, and he just might do so in yet another uniform, sticking his middle finger once again towards us fans who forget that above all, this is a man who wants to win and wants to be the GOAT. Regarding the latter, he will never attain his goal in the eyes of many.

Grandpas love Larry Bird. Side note: not my grandpa.

Michael Jordan (or Larry Bird for my classicist grandfather) will always be the greatest to those people, but the fact that Lebron’s only obstacle to being GOAT is the GOAT means he is, in fact, PRETTY DAMN GOOD. Did I mention he’s only 28?

Ugly sweater. Turtleneck. Still has the elephant.

Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson

Take your pick. A case can, or will be able to, be made for any of the three quarterbacks for GOAT. Rodgers, Brady, and Manning possess the 1st, 2nd, and 4th best career passer ratings OF ALL TIME, respectively. Manning and Brady are 2nd and 5th all-time in Pass TD (with Rodgers in full pursuit at only age 28), and all three are in the top 7 for passing YPG. The debate between these three—and any other past QB you wish to include—will not be settled until Rodgers is done. With Brady’s window closing (not too fast, I hope) and Manning’s nearly shut, my money is on Rodgers winning this clash of titans, and perhaps even the discount double check belt for GOAT. As if this country needs reasons to watch football on Sundays, these three lead the unfathomably deep pool of QB talent that currently make football the most watchable sport in the United States, if not world (sorry, hurling).

Before he’s done, Rodger’s belt may just be one with a GOAT buckle. I do hope this move goes away. Soon please!

Peterson’s path to GOAT is perhaps filled with more obstacles than those of his QB contemporaries. Considering his knee’s history, Peterson’s career may not last as long as all of us (except Packers and Bears fans) would like. That being said, eight more seasons seems reasonable for Peterson, and an average of 1,500 yards for those eight seasons (doable with Christian Ponder or Alex Smith under center) would put Peterson at 20,849 career yards, the highest total ever. A lot of you could argue that 1,500 yards is too high. 1,300 yards per those eight seasons still gives Peterson a GOAT total of 19,249 rushing yards. He’ll only be 28 come training camp. If a destroyed knee yields 2,000 rushing yards, who knows what 6-8 healthy years could mean for Peterson and his opponents.

Damn. He’s even bigger now. This is what my online dating profile picture would be. Ladies.

Miscellaneous (Unprecedentedly Good) Athletes

These final two athletes found fame in very different sports but with a similar tragic flaw. At the same time their performances have been electrifying, snatching  up the attention of this country and of the entire sporting world, their exposure has been fleeting and painfully short. Michael Phelps gave us three snapshots of what it means to be truly dominant in one’s field, winning often or always and doing so in a wide array of races, sometimes even in world record fashion. Yet we are doomed to discuss him for only two weeks every four years into eternity because of the fleeting beauty that is the Olympic games. The same goes for Usain Bolt, the man so enigmatic both in talent and personality, who has captured the world’s eye in both Beijing and London, only to flash by in a blur so fast that a couple of sneezes and you miss history. Phelps and Bolt are, as of now, the GOAT in their fields, and competitors will be hard-pressed to dethrone them for some time to come. Just a pity they only show up every four years for most of us.

Phelps was swimming in the Olympics at an age when I was just understanding why beach volleyball was cool. He still sort of looks like a dork.

So what am I saying? Why create this list? First of all, don’t complain that it’s long (and could be longer—see Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, et al.); be thankful that you live within what is most certainly a peak in sports history, a time filled with great teams, moments, and individual competitors like these I have mentioned. So stop whining about this NBA Self-Indulgence Weekend. Maybe skip school or work on Monday. Steal a friend’s car. Take it to a game (NOT A CUBS GAME THOUGH). Stop and take in the talent around you. Or don’t. But be warned. You just might miss it.

Cameron didn’t have so many (potential) GOATs to watch. You do. So look around a little.

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Jesus is my Co-Pilot


But Satan is my motor?  Relax, it’s a song by Cake.  A good one.

I’m contradicting myself  before I even start writing this post.  It will be brief.

I will not touch the religious aspect of Timmy Tebow, save to say that I find his reverence for Jesus Christ confusing.  I thought that ‘God’ guy was in charge…

No, I am writing this not because I find his abundance of faith disturbing – it’s actually refreshing to think about an athlete devoted to something other than money, and I credit anyone who can believe that much in anything– but because the whole entity of ‘media’ needs to take a big ‘ol chill suppository (yup, I am telling everyone behind a microphone to shove it.).  Tebow is undoubtedly both a human interest AND sports story.  The dude is 7-1 and undeniably has some crazy moxie in the 4th quarter.

SportsCenter (and specifically that horrible abomination that is Skip Bayless.  This deserves a sidebar.  Skip Bayless sucks.  Just sucks and sucks and sucks.  I find everything about him irritating and having no place in the sports world.  He belongs on a crummy midday talk show or hosting a game show no one watches.  He just oozes suck.)  has really taken things too far.  They recently had a graphic comparing Tom Brady and Tim Tebow as quarterbacks.  NO.  They had MULTIPLE graphics.  4th quarter, first 11 starts, and overall comparisons as the Broncos-Pats games approaches.  I understand the rationale, but it seems imprudent.  I thought Tebow didn’t complete above 50% of his passes?  Given his recent 4th quarters, do you know how BAD he has to play otherwise to reach that number?!  The comparison is dumb and irresponsible.

But the real issue is this- THE PACKERS ARE UNDEFEATED AND AARON RODGERS IS PUTTING UP NUMBERS WORTHY OF TECMO BOWL!!!  And Tebow gets top billing!  Everywhere!

The Packers don’t seem too peeved, which is cool, but it’s a very odd dynamic.  Here’s where I will get into the religion.  Do you remember when ESPN was just highlights and funny play-by-play?  When did they become a ‘news’ outlet?  When I flip on something called ‘sportscenter’ at 6am before classes, I don’t want to hear a DAMNED thing about some guy’s religion.  I want to know who won, how they won and who can come up with the best home run/ goal / dunk call (my pick is the Kenny Mayne ‘finest meats and cheeses!‘ bit).  I want discussion on whether or not the Packers can run the table, not whether or not a guy who is completing 48.5% of his passes is being helped a-la Angels in the Outfield or something.

I hope Tebow does well, honestly.  He seems unflappable.  He’s a fascinating study in patience, for one thing.  It is not one bit his fault that places like ESPN are slobbering all over themselves.  I blame Disney, and Skip Bayless, but not Tebow.  The big thing is, Tebowmania is providing cloud cover for the Packers.  When they win the Super Bowl by 40 and Rodgers throws 6 TD’s, maybe people will learn.  I’ve had to stop watching ESPN and listening to the radio these past few weeks, it’s just been too much.  Sometimes I just want to hear about sports.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.  It has nothing to do with Tebow the guy or religion.  It has everything to do with sensationalizing what used to be a simple idea (I’m looking at YOU, ESPN), and lots to do with my general distaste for Skip Bayless.

this f'n guy.





honestly, just do a quick Google search for some Skip Bayless hate.

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Happy Stuffing Day!

Or Thanksgiving or whatever.  As much as I love to write about baseball, and as much as I love baseball to my very core, there is something truly awesome about Football and Thanksgiving.  From the High School football to the now-epic slate of NFL games, sports on Thanksgiving is a whole-day ordeal- which is excellent because most of us have important things to do all day (mainly, drinking and eating).  I go back and forth how much I like semi-zealot Gerry Callahan (he’s like a super-funny, super-mean, super-crazy uncle who sometimes toes the line) but there is a great tradition here in Boston of republishing his outstanding article on Thanksgiving High School games in the Boston Herald.  If you have a second to read it tonight or on Thanksgiving, read it.  It is a quick read but is a great bit on the magic of Thanksgiving football.  It will set the stage nicely.

But that is not the point of my writing, merely a nostalgic side note.  The real reason is…. OH MY GO LOOK OUT IT’S WATCHING YOU!

……and this turkey is PISSED.

I am, of course, deadly serious.  Do not cross any wild turkeys tomorrow.  They know what’s going on.

Honestly though, the NFL has lucked into a stupendous day of football.  If you had told me in August that the Lions would have a chance to halt the undefeated Packers’ march, the Cowboys-Dolphins game would be interesting enough to check during dinner, AND the 49ers-Ravens game would be even MORE interesting than which Harbaugh brother gets to give the other a swirlie when they win – I would have said you were crazy.  But we have just that.  All three games promise to be highly interesting.  I am pumped.  Stuffing, beer, and football all day?  AND THE NEW MUPPET MOVIE IS OUT?!?!?! IS THIS THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER?

it is.

Truly, this figures to be a great Thanksgiving.  So while I don’t usually do stuff like this, I’m going to show off my football Nostradamus skills and talk some games/ make some picks.  While I don’t condone illegal betting… I don’t NOT condone it, so, do with that what you will.

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions 12:30 on Fox

Aaron Rodgers is a stud.  From his passes to his celebration to his commercials, he is killin’ it this year.  I fully expect them to make another Super Bowl run.  That being said, the Lions are a legitimately good team this year and will absolutely do their best to keep up with the Packers’ offense.  With minimal defense being played, a 42-37 game is not out of the question.  Which means it will probably be 12-7, but what can you do.  I think the Lions have the best shot at beating the Packers this year, whether it be this week or the last week of the season.  With Jay Cutler breaking his thumb badly, the Bears simply don’t have the offense and I am unfazed by the Giants.  I hope the Lions get pumped for the game and win a shootout.  For the record, the line for this game is 6.5… Packers win 35-24.

Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys 4:15 on CBS

I want to hate Tony Romo.  I so much really really completely do.  But something about his aw-shucks grin and gunslinging attitude amuses me.  So there’s that.  He is not, however likable a guy he might be, a likeable QB.  He makes dumb plays too often when his team needs him to be smart.  Matt Moore and the Dolphins have been playing remarkably well considering how piss-poor they started the season.  Just to point out – Moore has completed 68% of his passes the last four weeks.  Pretty darn good.  This game is interesting for two similar-but-different positions for both sides.  The Dolphins have an opportunity to assert themselves as not purposely ‘sucking-for-Luck’ and perhaps even catching the now-stinky Bills.  The Cowboys need to make a statement that they should be taken seriously in the NFC and keep ahead of the Gents and Not-So-Dreamy-Eagles (I had far more inappropriate things to call them, but just knowing their failure makes me so happy as a sports fan I am going to let it slide).  Both teams are fighting to be taken seriously.  Add that to the honor and tradition of Thanksgiving and this should prove to be an intense game.  Which is a moot point because most of us are going to be face-first in vats of turkeygravystuffing mash.  Wait, ya’ll don’t smush them all together in a tough?  Weird.  Dolphins win 28-21 and Romo throw 2 picks.

San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens 8:20 on NFL Network

Honestly, these teams could both be 2-8 and I would watch this game on the off-chance the Harbaugh brothers got into it before or after the game.  This is even more likely to happen because the teams are good.  I mean think about it.  Ravens win in a close one, Niners win a close one, either way tension is high and the brothers will be pissed at one another.  Niners stifle the stagnant Raven offense (sometimes) and blow out Bulletmore.  John will be pissed.  Flip the situation and the volatile Jim will likely get steamed.  I’m almost more excited to see which one of these guys winds themselves and their team up more for this game.  Sibling rivalry aside, the game will prove to be exciting as well.  The 49ers are legit – that defense is mean, fast and nasty.  And the Ravens are the Ravens.  This could be a seriously gritty “ground and pound” (do other people laugh when commentators say that phrase so earnestly?) style game.  Both teams have squat, powerful running backs and nasty defenses.  Both have just enough screws loose to come out in this primetime game guns a-blazing and put a WORLD of hurt on one another.  This last game and the Lions-Packers bookend what should be a great day of stuffing my face.  I’m thinking a 16-14 game.  I put the over/under of intense close ups of the Harbaugh brothers screaming what are clearly obscenities at 5.5.



Folks, this is going to be a great day.  Enjoy the football.  Enjoy the Turkey, the stuffing, the jams, the yams, the potatoes and the gravy.  Enjoy the family (as much as you can).  Enjoy some pumpkin beer (I highly recommend Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead Ale).  If you get a chance this weekend, go see the Muppets.  You will feel better after the inevitable post-thanksgiving hangover (both food and drink induced).  Enjoy the leftover sandwiches and running into people from high school you were hoping to avoid.

Happy Thanksgiving loyal readers (all 4 of you). Hope it finds you well.


p.s.  Not sold on the Muppets?  Watch:

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Hot Right Now



The act is simple.  The pictures are hysterical.

Tebowing in on the interwebs.  The above link goes to an article in an almost respectable newspaper in New York, so you know it’s real.

Get on board the phenomenon.  Out of respect or irony, makes no difference to me.


And here’s a song with the same title as the post.  Epic.


That’s Bassnectar.  Get on my level.








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6th Year’s a Charm

UPDATE: On October 27th, 2011, Case Keenum was 24 of 37 for 534 yards.  Wow.  OH AND NINE TOUCHDOWNS.  Ya’ll are on your own on any further Oreo calculations.

Double Secret Redshirt Probation

So here’s something new: a college football post!  HUZZAH!

I love college football, and this year has not been short on excitement.  If you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t see the Michigan State (MY FAVORITE TEAM GO SPARTY) beat Wisconsin (Mr. Russell Wilson, ladies and gents, is like a Madden create-a-player) on an epic, epic, epic hail mary, go look for it now. Right now.  DO IT.

But I’m not here to bask in the Michigan State glory, as glorious as it might be.

Being the consumer of sports that I am, very little slips my considerable mental grasp.  However, the Case Keenum (a solid, solid athlete name) situation has snuck up on me.  In case you don’t know who he is, Keenum is the starting QB for the surprisingly good Houston football team.  he is in his 6th year, which by itself is pretty awesome in a “Van Wilder” kind of way, but it’s actually justified.  He arrived at Houston and they had this guy named Kevin Kolb, who was pretty good, ya know?  After the redshirt Freshman year, Keenum won the job and hasn’t looked back.  He tore his ACL in 2010, which allowed the NCAA to grant him another year of eligibility.  He’s a stud.  He is the All-Time NCAA leader in total offensive yards (among a slew of other records) with a career total of 16,952 yards.  He runs.  He throws.  Yards on Yards on Yards, as YC might say.

So I gots me to thinkin’ – a dangerous thing.  How much distance is that, really?  Yes, wiseass, it is nearly 17,000 yards, I can round up too.  be quiet.

So I did some calculations on my abacus:

– 16, 952 yards = 50856 feet = 9.6 miles = 610270 inches

– That’s over 50,000 Subway 5-dollar footlong subs.  Imagine how many times that goddamn song would get stuck in your head.

– Or over 1000 King Kongs standing on each other shoulders

– 155 Godzillas lined end to end (don’t tell Matthew Broderick)

– that’s about 282 rolls of standard duct tape

– With that many yards, Keenum could walk up and down the side of the Empire State Building 17 times

-Or run around the bases 141 times.

– 16,952 yards is approximately 506,448 US half-dollars lined up next to one another.

– his yardage is roughly the length of  1816 human intestinal systems (large and small together).  Happy Halloween, that’s super gross.

– That’s approximately 40685 steps (toe to heel) in Shaquille O’Neal’s size-23 shoes

– the same height as a tower of 1,937,365 Oreos

– within that length, you could park almost 510 G6 jets end-to-tip.  This would cost roughly $29,580,000,000 to do at base cost.  Just sayin’.  Diddy is already considering this.

money robot.


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Is Victor Cruz my New Favorite Touchdown Celebrator?


Yes yes yes a thousand times yes.


Sorry this took so long for me to put up, I’m still furious I missed out on my waiver claim for him after Week 1….


Not only is this an early top ten catch of the year, but Victor Cruz’s repeated salsa-bration (see what I did there?) is one of those Damn-It-Why-Didn’t-I-Think-Of-That-On-The-Playground dances that makes me laugh every time



That catch is also freakin’ awesome













and here’s the black keys, in an awesome video, being awesome, continuing a reign of awesomeness





Seriously, I want to be in their entourage. And the application isn’t on monster

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