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Terrible day for baseball if this proves true.  He did call Melky last year.  And Melky was very close to Cano in NY.  Granderson is the only one that truly shocks me.

(Vin’s Note: We shall see if Dave’s sources pan out….)


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by | March 4, 2013 · 6:23 PM

New Spot, Same Guy?

Every once in a tasty, tasty Blue Moon, Dave, who once wrote things for this site, comes up with a good idea.  He posed this question to me, and I thought it was an excellent one:

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Winning and the 2013 Houston Astros: A Gambler’s Dilemma

Every year Vegas (and make-the-biggest-little-mistake-of-your-life Reno) release lines for win totals for MLB teams.  Usually they are not particularly noteworthy, especially to non-gamblers.  However, this year the Astros have caught my eye by the sheer sadness of their awful awfulness.  Their odds to win the World Series according to Vegas (via VegasInsider, a simple Google search will find you this stuff) is currently set at 100:1.  To be clear the Chicago Cubs, who are almost certainly not going to win it all, have odds of 40:1.  Furthermore, their over/under for wins in 2013 is set at 59.5.  That’s very bad.  Very bad.  I have also heard talk they were considering placing the line lower, in the 53-win range.  And as Jonathan Bernhardt over at Sports on Earth puts it (in this really great article, which I recommend reading):

“the Astros won 55 games last year, just traded their best hitter by a wide and clear margin to Oakland, and are reportedly shopping Bud Norris around as we speak. They also moved from the NL Central to the AL West, and while I’m no big believer in the Mariners, even they’re well-enough equipped to steal Houston’s lunch money, to say nothing of the Rangers, Angels, and Athletics.”

I could not have put it better myself (hence the big ‘ol quote).  He briefly touches on the question I immediately thought of when I found out the Vegas odds – do any of us really think the 2013 Astros are bad enough to lose THAT many games?  Would someone really bet that under at 52.5?  Well, I’ve decided to ask our 13 readers – just how bad do YOU think the Astros are going to be in 2013?

(Keep in mind the all-time record for futility is the 1962 Mets, who went 40-120, and the 2003 Tigers who sadly played all 162 and went 43-119)

Craig Biggio ain’t walkin’ through that door, folks.

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Poll: The (BIG) Domino Effect – Miggy to 3rd?

Wow.  Boras is sneaky like a fox.  HUGE deal for Detroit (puns intended) and it also means another burly slugger is moving across the diamond…..


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Poll: Who Sucks The Most?

What's that smell? Did someone eat a dog who had eaten bad Indian food? Nope, that's just the bullshit coming out of the Red Sox spin machine....

1) Get your mind out of the gutter, you one reader you…

2) I was waiting for things to be official.  Did you REALLY think I was going to let this whole Sox Shebang go down without ANY comment?!  Don’t worry, a rant is building.

side note: I am going to start naming my rants like hurricanes when I know they are building.  Though raging                                              hurricane predicting technology has far surpassed raging rant technology, I am on the cusp of a breakthrough.  Alert                                    Dennis Leary, FEMA, and other angry people.

3) Before you vote, know that this whole mess is really ownership’s fault.  If you think otherwise, you are wrong.  Sorry, you just are.  No manager who won 2 World Series and was by all accounts a pretty awesome guy deserves to be dragged through the mud like this after he was let go AND TOOK EVERY SINGLE BULLET OF BLAME FOR THIS GAWDDAMN AWFUL TEAM.  Phew…. getting closer and closer to rant stages.  I support you, Tito.

So here’s a teaser:

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POLL: Carl Pavano



There are some players you have on your team that really just bore the crap out of you.  Introducing Carl Pavano….  Not great numbers other than wins and WHIP and in all honesty, he was just an excess piece for me on a pretty bad pitching staff, so I’m pretty down on the guy coming into 2011.  He puts up thoroughly unexciting numbers but wins ballgames- so let’s see what all 13 of you reading this think, regardless of where he ends up this offseason:



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POLL: Manny to ChiSox?

evil shenanigans







screw you, Mannywood 

thanks to mlbtraderumors for keeping us up to date 



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POLL: Trade Deadlines

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Poll: David Price, Must-Start Ace or Semistud Starter?

With his start today being early, I’ve been thinking about David Price and the player he has become.  King Felix turned a corner in my mind a while back and is now a no-brainer starter.

This leads me to poll the audience, all 3 of you…


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