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4 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Eddy

    what’s your take on Carlos Lee and Adam Dunn and their slow starts?

    Do you think Dunn will hit 40HR this season?

    And Nyjer Morgan over or under 40 SB this season?

    Would you rather have Juan Pierre or Nyjer Morgan on your team?

    Also predictions on Curtis Granderson, BJ Upton, and Gordon Beckham?

    • Dave

      As long as they are healthy I think el Caballo and the donkey will pick things up. Lee needs Berkman back in the lineup. Dunn will be fine but I see him closer to 35 jacks than 40. The White Sox are desperately after a power lefty and there are rumors that even Beckham would be available in the Agone race. If they don’t land Adrian, Dunn is a very likely option for Chicago. Under 40 sb for Nyjer. I would rather have Pierre but watch both. Curtis Granderson will be a monster this season (unfortunately for my home-town team). Bossman Junior (that’s what BJ stands for) has the tools to be a beast but he needs to stop being Lastings Milledge. I would target Upton if you can get him relatively cheap. Beckham is great but he’s not Longoria. As long as you don’t have to plug him in at 3b, he’s a good option.

      Great questions.

      • Eddy

        I’ve got all the players I mentioned on my team minus Juan Pierre. I like Pierre a lot, and I think I’ll try to trade Morgan for him or something.
        And Beckham I have starting as a MI, my 3rd base is covered by Zimmerman and Arod.

        Thanks for the advice and predictions.

  2. Rich

    I love your assessment and insight on all the players coming into the 2011 season, but each time that I read an article, I feel as if it’s one thing to rate a player for next year but another to neglect to mention the playing time that he’ll be getting. So to make your articles a little more wholesome and not leave some like me wondering, it’d be great to also take a few lines to assess that player’s playing time based on that team’s roster.

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