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Shiny New Toys – Hitters

Every offseason, there are moves.  Some statement, huh?  But every year, guys switch teams.  Sometimes this is stupendous for fantasy purposes (example: Leaving PETCO) other times the move is irrelevant (say, anything pertaining  to Placido Polanco).  I am here today to discuss some of the moves that will alter the fantasy landscape, moves that will make a player more valuable to your team, moves that will score you a ‘nice move’ by your fellow drafters on the big day.  Here are some hitters that moved and how they’ll be that much better for it in the upcoming year:


Carl Crawford

Obviously, I was going to start this post with my new friend’s upside.  Carl Crawford doesn’t really need to be hyped up for you to know going to the Red Sox will be beneficial for his numbers.  But I’m going to give you a few ideas anyway.  Here is one time I’m going to completely ignore Bill James’ predictors.  He seems to think Carl is not going to have 100 runs scored.  I’m willing to bet my left ear that Carl Crawford will score a ton in the newly revamped Sox lineup, easily scoring 100 runs.  Also take into account that Crawford has always been a good Fenway hitter.  Give him a bunch more at bats in our beloved banbox and he could definitely see a spike in both homers and triples, what with the 300 foot foul pole in right and all kinds of juts and jabs in the outfield wall.  Take a look at Crawford’s projections then add up- he’s going to have a monster year.

Adrian Gonzalez

Much of Crawford’s production will be due in large part to this man.  I salivate thinking about Adrian Gonzalez in Fenway.  Notorious for being an excellent opposite field hitter, A-Gone could potentially hit 50 homers and set the record for most 301 foot 4-baggers in the history of baseball.  You see, Fenway, in all it’s glory, has the unique dimensions ideal for a power hitter like Gonzalez, short porch in left for those lofty fly balls to the opposite field and short down the line for the extreme pull.  With a good lineup, Gonzalez should hit 40 homers and have 100 walks easily, it’s some of the other stats that interest me.  Doubles, RBI, Runs, in this new Sox lineup Gonzalez should flourish.  He’s a power hitter, sure, but he also consistently puts good wood on the ball.  Don’t you think some of those line drives to left in PETCO are suddenly going to be high up on the Monstah at the Fens?  I expect the new Slugger to put up big, big, big numbers in all the useful categories: Homers, Doubles, RBI’s, Runs, OBP, OPS, all the stats you would want a slugger to provide in fantasy.  Draft him accordingly.

Mark Reynolds

I know, be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Many owners don’t want even a sniff of Reynolds on their team but I’m not one of them.  You don’t make up that kind of power.  I acknowledge and accept his strikeouts, those aren’t going anywhere.   Mark Reynolds is not going to win you a week with singles and average.  Draft Ichiro if you want that.  Mark Reynolds can mash.  I draft him as a late cheap source of power, and let the season sort itself out.  So why am I such a Mark Reynolds madman this year?  Power is contagious.  Camden Yards is a fairly good hitters park, so his power shouldn’t take a hit at home.  Removing PETCO and Coors from the equation, where he doesn’t have great numbers also will serve to help Reynolds.  Let’s also not forget that he suddenly gets to play a handful of games at Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and the new launching pad in Toronto.  I’m betting Reynolds, at the very least, has an excellent power year, filling up the Homers and RBI categories, while maintaining his lumberjackian strikeout rate.

Adam Dunn

Speaking of sluggers at launching pads, Adam Dunn, known for his big bat, is heading to an absolute rocket pad of a home stadium.  Especially in the summer, Comiskey tends to be a homer-happy stadium where you can put it on the booooaaarrrrrd.  Dunn joins a solid lineup this year and let us not forget, he put up his usual numbers playing on a team protected in the lineup by Ryan Zimmerman and not much else.  Now paired up with Paul Konerko, I expect an upturn in homers, as well as more RBI’s with there being more people on base in Chicago as opposed to the Nats.  If Adam Dunn can hit 40 homers in Nationals Park, he should be able to put up big numbers in Comiskey with his eyes closed.

Dan Uggla


Just wrote up Mr. Uggla here, in our Second Base post, and it should be pretty obvious I like the guy going into the year.  The Braves have a pretty nice lineup and Uggla should be in line for some excellent RBI/Run numbers.  Playing in the same division, the parks are relatively the same and I believe Turner Field is a fairly neutral park.  However, much like Dunn, Uggla seems to be pretty much guaranteed for 30-100 (HR-RBI) regardless of what’s going on around him.  I expect nothing less this year and he could benefit greatly from a year-old Jason Heyward’s improvement that we all see coming.

Cameron Maybin

There is a certain type of player who can thrive in PETCO Park.  I believe Maybin is one of them.  Long and athletic, Maybin is the perfect fit defensively for the stadium, able to gracefully cover the spacious park’s outfield.  But who cares about actual baseball when there are fantasy implications to discuss?  Maybin has great speed.  This speed/athleticism is also perfect for PETCO’s spacious alleyways as a hitter. Bill James (yea, him again) has him hitting .277.  I would be thrilled with that.  At PETCO, I can see Maybin being a Mike Cameron-like player for the Padres, hitting 15 homers, a bunch of doubles and triples, and stealing 20 bases.  Doesn’t that sound better than ‘what the hell is the deal with Cameron Maybin?’ which is what was happening in Florida.  With a fresh life in San Diego (which is Spanish for a whale’s vagina), and his notoriously fresh legs, I’m looking forward to a good year from Maybin in 2011.  Without a doubt, though, he’ll win you the Web Gem category if you have that stat…

Ty Wiggington

Sigh.  I wanted 7 players and this is what I came up with.  Wiggington is a useful fantasy chip for his versatility and power.  He figures to only strengthen both in Colorado, where he’ll play all over and should see a considerable spike in his home numbers.  Though a small sample size, he has good numbers at Coors, but then again, most people have pretty good numbers at Coors.  Wiggington is my go-to guy for injury plug in, but once again, his usefulness in understood and likely not changing.



There you have it, my thoughts on some of the guys who have switched colors this offseason.  Don’t hold me to my own thoughts, I’m no ‘expert’.  Now enjoy the snow and drink lots of water, New Years Eve means long island iced teas for everyone!

first stop, long island iced tea st. next stop blackout circle...




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none of the A's are this attractive. not even Kurt Suzuki



Ah the A’s.  Billy Beane is a smart man, he has Brad Pitt playing him in the movie version of Moneyball (you can hear him here in A’s After Dark podcast) and figures to have figured into yet another strong group of arms.  The question, as it always seems to be with Oakland, then seems to be- will they hit enough?  We’ve already seen that a strong staff and timely hitters can win the World Series, thanks to Oakland’s cross bay partners so winning probably will still stick around the Bay.  Fantasy options though, for hitters?  Not so much.  With the rapid decline of Eric Chavez and some good young talent still being maybe a year away, the A’s don’t look like much of an offensive powerhouse.  The staff, on the other hand, should be carefully inspected… or at least read about in the following paragraphs.  Enjoy, sorry if it’s roughshod…


Will The A’s Bring in a Big Hitter as a Free Agent?

Adam Dunn has been mentioned as someone who could go to Oaktown, but If the A’s arg ne going to put some money out for a player to hit bombs, I think they would be more likely to go after Carlos Pena, who will be cheaper, a better defender, and cheaper.  Did I mention Pena would be cheaper?  An interesting note I stumbled across on MLBTR, as the A’s made a “strong push” for Japanese pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma, Ken Rosenthal notes that the A’s and Brewers match up nicely for a trade, as the Brewers could move someone like Casey McGehee for a good young pitcher.  This type of scenario will likely play out as the offseason progresses and more players move around (teams are just starting to pull in players), but I found the idea fascinating.  On the one hand, the idea is innocent enough- young hitter for young pitcher.  But what if we go all ‘mad scientist’ with the idea?  Could the A’s make a swing for the big Prince?  Can you imagine?  Suddenly the A’s have Fielder, a young masher in Chris Carter (more on him later), a second-baseman-of-the-future in Jemile Weeks, and a damn fine Shortstop prospect in Grant Green.  Not to mention Mark Ellis and Kurt Suzuki, both solid hitters in their own right.  The face of this fantasy offense would completely change.  And it could happen.  It will not… but it could.  And that’s the fun of internet speculation, folks!


How Will The Young Pitching Progress?

Funny you should ask, I wrote about that here.

The long and short of it?  The A’s are looking like they have a nifty staff for some years to come – with reinforcements on the way, too.

UPDATE: The A’s have won the bidding for Hisashi Iwakuma.  This gives them considerable pitching depth.  The thinking in many circles (such as MLBTR) is that the A’s will trade some of their surplus pitching for a hitter, making some of my points about a good young emerging offense all the more relevant (hellllooo Brewers, it’s the A’s- call me.)


How Will Their Positional Prospects Turn Out?

Here are some rankings on Oakland’s prospects.  Here are more. And More. Let’s break this one down into parts:

Chris Carter-> He put up some BIG power numbers in the minors and scouts see that translating into the majors.  He is a known commodity.  Here’s an USA article on him.  People think he’s going to be good.  The fact that he can play both Left Field and First Base is going to get hi playing time.  He is ready for his shot at the big time, with nothing left to prove in the minors (almost 150 homers in 6 minor league seasons since being taken out of high school is impressive) and the A’s have a slot for him.  He needs, like all young power hitters, to learn the strike zone and lower his K rate (lowered anywhere around 20% is an improvement from his near 30% previous.  20% is still a lot).  With an improved approach and a (maybe) improved Oakland lineup in 2011, look for Carter to be a rookie standout at least in the power categories.

Jemile Weeks-> Highly touted after being picked 12th by the A’s in the 2008 draft (he had been selected before by the Brewers in 2005 but returned to school), Weeks looks to be a similar type player to Rick-A but with more of a speed tilt.  Still needing to master AA, Weeks showed good gap power, hitting 14 doubles, 7 triples and 3 homers in AA in 312 plate appearances though he only hit .267.  He too must improve his BB:K rate to improve to be MLB ready.  No one questions the kid’s athleticism, only his discipline, so he might be a year away- but when he makes it look out, we could be sitting on a dynamic player, much like his brother.  He is going on my watch list and will sit there all year, if need be.  Be wary in deep leagues and keepers, as I bet he’ll make an impact in 2012 for sure.

Grant Green-> Shortstop prospects are everyone’s favorite, right?  They always pan out so well… Didn’t an A’s SS prospect join the priesthood? He did.  I’m just being rhetorical.  Green projects as a nifty hitter and good fielder.  Only drafted in 2009, he definitely will not make a major impact on the A’s offense this year but I’m all about long  term investing.  Green showed a great stroke in high A, hitting .318 with 20 dingers.  These numbers will likely see some correction as he progresses levels but the idea of a good hitter with good pop remains- Green will be a major player for the A’s, just not this year.  I’m offering some long-range Oakland Athletic fantasy advice, for those of us who need to plan these things a long time in advance.  Be ready for a fe more years of Mark Ellis before either Weeks or Green takes the hitting torch for the middle infield.  Hopefully the A’s will have an offense by then, Green should be a nice complement.

Will The A’s Get Someone to Hit?

To be fair, they have the players (Coco, Kurt Suzuki, Ellis) but nothing of fantasy relevance last year.  Coco Crisp put together some sweet months to end the season, putting up the combo power-speed-average he has flashed but never put up fully.  Suzuki is good, for a catcher, and Ellis is simply a solid middle infielder.   Crisp is the current A’s hitter I’d keep an eye on, as his August and September may have turned more than just my head.  Also, give some love to my man Ryan Sweeney in the drafts, I love the guy’s hustle and he seems like a Nick Markakis-lite just waiting to break out.  Coco also punished lefties last year, so keep him in mind late in drafts and in deeper leagues if you are picking that last OF and are grappling with some can’t-miss phenom (ahem ahem Mike Stanton) or rolling the dice with Crisp.  I think Crisp is poised to have another solid campaign and he is a category filler.  Just sayin’.



Well, that’s all on the A’s.  Watch them for their free agency activity, their Japanese import, and Coco Crisp.  Until then, enjoy some Black Keys and remember:  Harry Potter comes out soon, and so do the mock drafts.  Be ready and excited for both.  And yes I am a full fledged dork.  It’s ok, only 3 or 4 people read this anyway….


Be good,





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Lyle Overbay Clears Waivers…

… in other news, there was a bear.  In the woods.  Who took a

Dumping on Lyle Overbay aside, MLBTradeRumors is great about keeping us up to date about the comings and goings of the league.  Though the trade deadline has passed, there are still moves to be made and fantasy-interesting ones at that.  Lyle Overbay might not be one of them, but guys like Beltran, Dunn etc. all COULD move, so it’s fun to speculate and think of the fantasy ramifications.  Stay tuned…


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Weekend Hijinks: Trades of Fantasy Relevance Edition

Miggy Tejada–  to the Padres, will apparently get time at short.  This is only fantasy-relevant because Miguel Tejada is a name.  He’s probably most useful in NL-Only leagues now

Austin Kearns– aquired by the Yankees for a Derek Jeter signed bat.  He’s having a great year and is headed to a launching pad… and fewer AB’s.  Still, he’s worth watching

Roy Oswalt– Lost his first start in the Illadelph, but looks to not continue his losing ways for a better team (13 losses????? Really!?That’s Bonderman-esque!)

Dan Haren– Got doinked his first start for the Halos, see Oswalt situation for new team/hope for fewer losses scenario

Jorge Cantu, Cristian Guzman– Aquired by the Texas Rangers.  Classic case of great deadline dealing for the stretch run (you watch, the Rangers are dangerous this year), very boring for fantasy.  Both are middling players in the fantasy realm, Texas is a great hitters park, yadda yadda yadda, are you really that excited about either player?

Edwin Jackson– to the White Sox.  Hmmmm…. lots of walks in a homer-friendly park… Dislike button.

Dan Hudson, however, is going to the D-Backs.  Who play in the NL West.  Where apparently it is against the rules to try and score more than 5 runs a game or something (Dodgers, what gives?)

Mike Jacobs– Just kidding

Brett Wallace– The Heir to Lance’s big booty throne.  I like him a bunch hitting in Houston.  He and Chris Johnson are a pair of corner IF’s to watch…

Matt Capps– Twins.  Having a great year, better team, still lots of close games, Jon Rauch waiting in the wings.  Nuff’ said.

Lots of deals to come.  Stay tuned in to see if the likes of Jose Bautista (likely), Corey Hart (not so much), and Dunn move.  Also, Ted Lily may be involved, going to that NL West… I’ll keep you posted.



P.S. I know Berkman is heading to the Yanks, but that hasn’t been made official yet.  And I’m in denial.  $tupid Yankees.

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Random Thoughts for the Week Ahead: 7/26

Here’s some stuff kickin’ around our brains we thought we’d share with ya’ll.  Our pleasure to drop such exquisite and random knowledge on the loyal population of readers, even if it is only 3 of you.

–> Carl Crawford suffered one of the strangest sports injuries we’ve ever seen.  It got me thinking about where it ranks with some of the odd injuries that have befallen baseball players (like, say, holding back a sneeze or carrying meat from the hunt).  And I have to tell you, that is one hell of a cup-check there, Jake Arrietta.  And what a break in the bro-code by Wiggington, you gotta stop that baseball, man!  Baseball injuries rank atop my list, followed by football, because the way  Belichick revolutionized the vagueness of the injury report leads to endless amusement from pretty much the entire league.

NOT the right Wade Davis.

–> I know I hyped (excessively) his would-be replacement, but Wade Davis has been really solid recently. Whether he goes to another team or stays with the Rays, he looks like he has worked out some kinks going back through the league.  Watch him at the deadline, as his moving or not moving has serious, legitimate, playoff-for-fantasy altering ramifications (as well as the less-important-but-nationally-relevant real life baseball ones).

–> This is frankly an astonishing story that Dave found (ny times) from 2008.  What an ingenious player, Mr. Newsom.  I’m surprised something like this hasn’t taken off yet.  It’s a pretty great idea.  I wish I had thought of it.  Are you teased enough? Read the damn article!  He has since retired, but good for a Northeast fella for making a name with not only baseball but being clever (how’s that working out for you?  being clever?)

–>Dan Haren to the Angels.  Yawn.  This move bores me.  But it does allow me to discuss a highly sought after prospect who DIDN’T move, Mike Trout.  Here’s a scouting report with video linkage on the man, who’s really just a boy.  In addition to having a stupendous baseball name, Trout profiles as a speedy and dynamic (read: fantasy relevant) player who is on track to big league standout. He runs very well and hits for raw power.  We will be keeping tabs on him for you, but mostly for ourselves going forward.

Related to the deal, I like it for Joe Saunders‘ fantasy future.  Saunders gets to face the Gents, Dodgers, and Pads all the time now.  Even if the D-Backs aren’t great, those less-than-stellar offenses should do nothing but improve a solid AL pitcher into a very useful NL one.  Remember Clayton Richard?  Well Saunders is a better pitcher than him.  Think about it.  People own Richard.  You’ll like having Saunders.  This is all I’m saying.

–>  How great was that Fight Club clip?!  Here’s where I got it:  (via)

–> Some guys that need to move at the deadline to get us excited for them in fantasy:  Jose Guillen (Dejesus would follow, but the man just smashed himself into a wall); Ichiro.  Yup, we went there.  We come to take Ichi for granted in fantasy.  Imagine him in a playoff race on a good team?  My goodness I’m already drooling; Oswalt is an obvious name, but my god if he doesn’t need a change of scenery, I don’t know who does; JJ Putz– GET HIM SOMEWHERE WHERE HE IS THE CLOSER AGAIN ALREADY!  Yeeesh; Adam Dunn as a DH somewhere.  This would make his value skyrocket in the fantasy world.  Imagine him in Detroit behind Cabrera.  Go ahead, think about it.  Awesome;  Ty ‘Nutella’  Wigginton– on a better team with a good offense (read: the Yanks),  Wiggy is a super-utility fantasy stud;  Dan Johnson could use a move, so he could attempt to be good once again in the MAJOR leagues.  For now he will continue to rake for the Rays minor league team; Brad Hawpe needs to get out of Colorado; So does Iannetta (hellooooo Red Sox?  Please?); Aaron Harang should plead to move at the deadline- what happened to him????  The Phils could use an open OF spot (Raul Ibanez, Victorino, Francisco, are all part of this list) because the second coming of Eric Davis, aka Dom Brown is on the rise- look the ‘f’ out;  Doesn’t it seem like Ryan Dempster has been pitching for 100 years?  I know you said yes.  And that is reason enough for Dempster to go somewhere a little less… dysfunctional than Chicago.

–> Another Northeast guy is making waves in fantasy, as Chris Denorfia, the former Cincinatti great, is raking for the Friars in Petco.  I snagged him in a deep league because, well, he has an outstanding name and is a power/speed combo guy who is hot.  Do I really need more of a reason?  Look at his minor league stats.  Maybe he just needs the right role in the right place?

–> Look at Brandon League‘s pitching motion (in sweet, sweet superduper slo-mo).  He throws 99 MPH.  This blows my mind.

–> Final thought: the Reds can mash and are heading to Milwaukee this week.  I expect sparks to fly.  Go Gomes Go.

CONGRATS to Andre Dawson, great player who looked great in the old Montreal Uniforms.  Love the flow, Hawk.



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