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Damon, Ramirez could prove to be darn good in Tampa

The two deals the Devil Rays (I refuse to call them the Rays; they will always be the Devil Rays no matter what they try to call themselves) made last night show that they are still committed to winning in even after losing key pieces this off season. There have been a lot of articles praising the moves, and I agree, these two additions could keep the Tampa offense relevant this year.

What they lost:

Tampa’s lineup took a hit in the off-season losing Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena. Last year Crawford put up a line of .307 AVG, 19 HR, 90 RBI, .356 OBP, .495 SLG and .851 OPS. Pena also put up decent numbers last year, (.196, 28, 84, .325, .407, .732).

Their departure is huge. The Devil Rays have to replace their production and they have started to by signing Damon and Ramirez. Let’s look at what they got in these two players.

What they got:

Manny Ramirez, in 90 games last year, put up pretty good numbers (.298, 2, 42, .409, .460, .870) and will do the same in Tampa. Johnny Damon, in 145 games, put up good numbers too (.271, 8, 51, .355, .401, .756) and the combination of these two players can arguably make up for the loss of Crawford (with the exception of speed and general athleticism) and Pena.

Fantasy Value?

So, they made up for Crawford and Pena, what does this mean fantasy wise?

A lot.

“Thank God I don’t have to use this thing anymore.” -Manny Ramirez

By adding Manny as a DH, it allows for another legitimate power threat in the Devil Rays line up behind Evan Longoria. He will more than make up for Pena’s departure and will hit for a higher average. In fact, if Manny hits in front on Longoria, it will force pitchers to actually pitch to Manny rather than pitch around him. Also, by just using him as a DH, literally all he has to do is focus on his favorite thing: hitting. Finally, he is back in the AL East, where he knows the parks and the pitchers.

WWJDD? Go play for the Devil Rays.

This is the same for Damon who returns to the AL East after previous stints with the Red Sox and Yankees. He is also important to the Devil Rays and actually had more doubles (36) than Crawford did last year (30). While I am not putting Damon and Crawford on the same level offensively (because there is no way Damon can touch Crawford in terms of ability), hitting in front of Longoria will also let him see more pitches and will score more runs. In short, these two players still have some value. Damon is a better buy because he brings more to the table (like some speed and not being a space cadet) than Ramirez, who will hit for power but not much else. What is also important about these moves is that it protects Longoria, maintaining and even raising his fantasy value.

Do these moves make the Devil Rays playoff contenders? I say yes. I think with the combination of their young pitching and their now pretty good offense will allow them to hang with the Sox and Yanks. Damon and Ramirez will be a major part of their playoff push and will get the playing time to make them more than an after thought in fantasy leagues.



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Prospect Watch: Lars Anderson

This man also loves to read.

This is a segment that I hope to have every week or so, updating those who are looking to add that impact prospect that gets called up during the year. I thought I would start off with one of my favorite players in the minors: Lars Anderson. After a terrible year last year he got off to a hot start hitting .355 with 5HR, 16 RBI, a .408 OBP and a 1.086OPS at AA earning himself a promotion to AAA. Now, I assume that the Red Sox will not want to rush him, but if the Sox start needing an offensive presence in the line up (which could be pretty soon) and decide not get it VIA trade, then Anderson may be the logical choice if he keeps up this pace. Another factor to consider is if he is traded. He could be thrown into a major league line up right away if he is having a solid season. My suggestion is to keep a close watch on him. If he continues his hot hitting, he could continue moving through the Red Sox system and get a shot in the bigs in July.

Just in case you haven’t heard of or seen Lars Anderson, here is some video.

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Ducklings about to Blow up- Ultimate Sleepers for 2010

Everyone knows Chris Davis hit over .300 with 6 dingers  and a decreased (though still ridiculous) k-rate when recalled to Arlington last summer.  If prospects like Strasburg and Heyward are what you consider sleepers, this will take you to a whole new level.  In this post we will cover the guys you can target late in drafts and get huge bang for your buck.

Kyle Blanks- OF Padres                                     

Good news.  Blanks dropped 15lbs this offseason and really worked on becoming a more athletic outfielder. The thing is those 15lbs brought him down from a whopping 285lbs to a slim 270lbs.  Before you starting calling him Dimitri Young, the guy is 6’6″ and has 2 triples and 2 steals this spring.  Blanks will man left field for the Pads for now but a shift to his natural position at 1B is a guarantee with the likely trade of  Adrian Gonzalez.

O, and did I forget to mention this guy can mash? Manager Bud Black is already sold on Blanks hitting ability and has penciled him in the cleanup spot between Adrian and Chase Headley.  Blanks is a career .304 hitter in the minors with power to spare. He will whiff a ton but that comes with the pop.  Before being slowed with a minor foot injury (which he has fully recovered from), he mashed 10 homers in 104ab with a 1.028 OPS after the break.  And if you think Petco will cause problems, don’t worry.  The average distance for Blanks’ homers in 2010 would have put him in the top 10 in the majors if he had enough ABs to qualify.  This kid is legit. Get him.

Sean Rodriguez- 2B, SS, OF- Rays   

Rodriguez qualifies at OF for Yahoo for now but that will soon change.  ESPN recently came out with an article saying that S-Rod could be  Ben Zobrist 2.0.  Guess what? I said that over a month ago to my co-editor so I had to write about the guy in this post.

Rodriguez is “battling” for a roster spot this spring but it’s been completely one-sided.  Matt Joyce (RF) is having trouble throwing from 90ft and he’s not about to be the DH for a team that just signed Hank Blalock and has Pat Burrell. Reid Brignac is competing for a shot at a MI position, but his bat is not nearly at the same level as Rodriguez’s. Rodriguez will make the team.  He will likely start a 2B with Zobrist in RF.  Luckily, Rodriguez’s natural position is SS so he can also spell Bartlett (hopefully those 10 precious times).

So not only will Rodriguez qualify at multiple valuable positions, he has a monster bat.  A key piece in the Kazmir deal last summer, Rodriguez has been working out this Spring with A-Rod who has had nothing but amazing praise for the 24 year old.  Sean Rodriguez is a career .281/.380/.501 hitter in the minors.  His time with Salt Lake in 2009 was just silly, hitting 29 homers in 365 abs with a .299/.400./.616 line.  Watch the position battle in Tampa.  If he gets a job, you want him.

But wait there’s more. I got tired of typing. Click for More 2010 Sleepers

P.S. Blanks and Rodriguez are also in this podcast which I recorded 3 weeks ago.  Notice the Ben Zobrist reference WAYYYY before any other site was hyping him.  As Will said, we are ahead of the curve.

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Spin a cap and have a day kid. Lil bingles get you to heaven.  And other baseball jargon.  We love baseball.  We (at least I) feel that people need to hear our opinions, as both I and peanut head like to think of ourselves as heavily invested fantasy addicts/experts. Ask anyone.  Some call it a sickness.  Some admire the dedication.

probably not this guy though

So here’s the long and short of it:  as dedicated Yahoo users, we’ve grown tired of waiting for their silly West- late night timing bullshit.  We’re tired of being a month ahead of ESPN’s fantasy reporting.  And CBS’s.  And MLB.com’s.  So we are going to attempt to do this ourselves.  For ya’ll.  SO YOU LIL BASTARDS BETTER APPRECIATE IT!

kidding, Dave thinks he’s smarter than most fantasy gurus and I just like to hear my own voice and thoughts, so its a perfect pairing.

We promise you, here and now, to turn our obsession into a useful tool for you heathens, scraping by in the fantasy baseball world.  Here we are, Batman and Robin, ready to save the utter chaos that is Gotham.  In this case Gotham is your mess of a fantasy insight.  We’re Butch Cassidy and Sundance, robbing the train of fantasy knowledge and living the life, cracking folks up and laying waste to towns.  We’re Marty McFly and Doc Brown- the goofball and the braniac, teaming up to correct your past fantasy mistakes.  But sorry, no Deloreans.

so like Chris Johnson’s rims, we’re gona be big.


-will ‘aka vinnie the gooch’

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