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Woo, been awhile.  With the snowpocalypse upon us (seriously New England, WTF) and my entrapment in the house, I thought I’d throw together some random facts for my amusement.  You can read along…


Your leader in triples since 2008?  Stephen Drew (35).  C’mon, you knew I was coming back with a triples stat.  (I love how I write like we have regular readers)


Brian McCann, J.D. Drew, and Carlos Pena all reached base 100% of the time they bunted for a hit.  Seriously.  You can look it up.  Sure, they all in all attempted a grand total of… three bunt hits… you caught me.


David Ortiz hit a stellar .222 versus LHP in 2010 (and .212 in 2009) with just 2 homers in 200 plate appearances (6 homers in 2009)?  Yet Tito Francona seems insistent that he will bat him versus more lefties this year… we shall see how that works out (hint: I’m not Nostradamus-ing when I predict not well)


Since the start of 2007, Roy Halladay has completed 26.35% of the games he started.  For fantasy purposes, figuring he starts about twice a week that means he’s been throwing a CG every other week for 4 years.  Is that thinking simplistic?  Maybe, but Doc has still completed over a quarter of the games he started n 4 years.  Outstanding.


In that time he has 11 shutouts (32.35% of his complete games).


In the last 3 seasons, Jonathan Broxton has appeared in 207 games.  he has blown 21 saves in that span.  That’s 10 percent.  One out of every ten times he stepped out there, he cost his team and likely yours the game.  When I put it like that, wouldn’t you heed my warning about closers?  I hate them, for fantasy purposes, in case you couldn’t tell.


Both Michael Stanton (hmm, duno why I got all formal there) and Mark Reynolds (my homeboy this year) are ranked lower than Carlos Lee (who I won’t even link to) in terms of ADP (via MDC).  Stanton: 131 Reynolds:132 Lee? 130.  Am I missing something here or is that bananas?  Reynolds is a safe bet for 35 bombs or more.  Stanton conservatively could hit 35 homers (BJames has him for 38!).  Carlos Lee is, well, Carlos Lee.  The Astros offense kinda stinks and Lee is on the decline.  Sure, Stanton might not hit .270 and Reynolds might not crack .260, but when you’re at that spot of the draft, don’t you go with upside?  Maybe I’m alone in this…


Ted Lily induced a fly ball 52.6% of the time.  This resulted in him giving up 32 gopherballs.  If these numbers seem high to you, they are.  In fact, he was 3rd in baseball in homers allowed, but only because Rodrigo Lopez (who recently signed to play with a real live team) gave up an astounding 37 homers (followed by James Shield’s slightly-less-ridiculous 34).  How in the world Lily managed a sub-4.00 ERA is beyond me.  Dude’s got (fly)balls.


Mark Ellis batted .405 in September and October.


Sin Soo Choo had a 20-20 season with a .400 OBP.  Why isn’t he talked about more?  Is Cleveland that far gone?



As always, Mark Reynolds had a 42.3% K rate…sigh… and I drafted him.


Carlos Gonzalez scored a run every 5.73 plate appearances.


Jonny Venters‘ ADP is 308.  He will likely be closing in ATL.  These are not stats so much as alerts.




There’s lucky-number 13 facts.

That’s all.  If nothing else, I have proven that given time, you can make the numbers say anything.

Go out and treat yourself to a mock draft, you’ve earned it.


And as always, enjoy the Black Keys.




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So SO sorry for the delay.  I’m guessing we lost the few fans we had.  SO I’m comin back at you with a fresh new outlook, some fresh new posts, and some real talk to help you dominate this fantasy offseason.  We apologize.  Now get ready.



That is Bart Simpson. Nice Ice.



Mark Reynolds struck out 211 times in 596 plate appearances.  Talk about 3 outcomes… Reynolds K’d once every 2.82 times he stepped u there!

Albert Pujols scored 115 times.  Yadier Molina scored 34 times.  Think that lineup was inbalanced?

TRIPLES LEADERS STATISTICS!!!!  Because it’s my post, and I love triples.

Dexter Fowler hit a triple every 36 Plate Appearances

Carl Crawford was at once every 49, Stephen Drew at every 53, Jose Reyes every 60.3, Alcides Escobar at 55, and Mark Reynolds once every 298 Plate Appearances.  That last number equates to once every 192.5 plate appearances he did NOT strike out.

Logan Morrison had 6 triples in September (and October).

Austin Jackson proved all of us wrong and maintained that .396 BABIP all year.  Good for him.  I’m still letting someone else draft him next season.

Ichiro Suzuki batted .315 this year, very admirable.  What is interesting to me, though is that he hit this well while hitting 57.4% of his balls on the ground!  That’s knowing your strength.  On an unrelated side note, Jacoby Ellsbury’s career GB% is 50.9%.  Ichiro’s is 57.4%.  I maintain that the day Jacoby Ellsbury shortens up and begins hitting line drives and ground balls at a higher rate (career FB%: Ichiro-  25.3%, Ellsbury- 30.4%), even slightly, is the day he becomes an elite fantasy player.  Until then I think he is relegated to that an A-,  just-below-top-tier-when-healthy spot.

Jose Bautista hit a homer every 10.54 at bats.  (54 in 569 AB)

In his previous 1638 at bats, he homered 59 times, or once every 27.76 at bats.  I think he’ll have to continue answering steroid questions when he drops off and hits 25 next year, but that’s just my humble opinion.

Victor Martinez and Marco Scutaro both made contact 87% of the time when swinging at pitches outside the strike zone.

Mark Reynolds and Adam Laroche made contact 47% and 45 %, respectively, of the time on balls outside the strike zone.  These are the stats I burden my brain with people.

Brett Gardner only swung at 30.9% of the pitches comin’ his way.

A quarter of the fly balls hit by Joey Votto left the yard.  That is, his HR/FB percentage was 25%.  That’s legit power.

Just to be clear, in his wild homer rampage the last month-ish, Troy Tulowitzki’s HR/FB% was 31.3%.

Living up to his backside and name, Billy Buttsler led the majors grounding into 32 twin killings.

Teammate Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder were hit a combined 46 times in 2010 (25 for RickAY! and 21 for Fielder).  Ow.  Goes to show how bad the bottom of that order is, no protection from their best hitters gettin’ popped…

Rodrigo Lopez, who still pitches  in the major leagues, gave up an over/underwhelming 1.67 homers per 9 innings.  He just sucks.

The H’s of the  awesomely named H2O trio (Hamels, Halladay, Oswalt, get with the program people) both stranded 82.7% of the runners the that they allowed on base.  Now imagine if Lee was on that team.  I don’t care how good Oswalt is in these playoffs, having both Halladay and Lee with Hamels though it wouldn’t give us a spectacular nickname, may have produced a sub-.025 BA in a series for the poor Reds.  Or something.  Point being, Lee has been nasty and Hamels and Halladay know how to bear down.  Though in Lee’s case, he finds it easier not to put people on base unless the earn it with a hit.  No effin’ walks.  I love it.  So does Nolan Ryan.

Justin Masterson threw a fastball 78% of the time.  That’s what happens when you get behind.  Poor guy.  Should never have left his setup role for the Sox (bring him back Theo!).

Now, to be clear, David Price threw fastball 74% of the time.  The difference is that Masterson is a goofy 6’6” sidearmer and Price is a lefty who throws GAS.

I’m loving the playoffs, lots of new faces, some in their first playoffs (congrats to Aubrey Huff, Mike Sweeney, Mike Young et al.).  I can’t wait to see Lee against the Yanks and I apologize again for our untimely absence.  We’ll be…. well I will be… back with a vengeance  this offseason.  Be on the lookout, all 7 of you.



Until next time, enjoy the Black Keys




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One of my most favorite shows growing up was Bill Nye the Science Guy (or his site).  My favorite segment was always the ‘DID YOU KNOW THAT?’ bit that ended with the same crazy voice echoing, ‘KNOW YOU KNOW….’

Long and short of it, the show was truly the only reason many of us thought science was cool, and that segment always hit the spot.  Knowing this, and knowing I’m always looking for a gimmick (like, say, letting one of our friends write instead of me… don’t judge our back catalog ladies and germs, I was n ‘sabbatical’), I think you know what’s coming:


… Roy Halladay, the notorious control king has an excellent K:BB ratio of 6.61.  Cliff Lee is just being ridiculous this year.  His K:BB?  14.833.  CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT WOULD BE GOING ON IF HE HAD STAYED IN PHILLY?! @#$%&*!

… in 85 at bats (entering tonight) over the past month Cliff Pennington, yes THAT Cliff Pennington has 6 doubles, 4 triples, and 5 stolen bases?  And a .436 on-base percentage to boot?

… Scotty Podsednik has 6 sacrifice flies (4 the past month).  He has 10 sacrifice bunts.  He has been caught stealing 10 times.  You do not want this man on your wiffle ball team.

… We were kinda right about this Sean Rodriguez guy?

and he wears his socks high. much respect.

Russell Martin, the bane of my fantasy existence at catcher, has a BB:K ratio of 40:48.  He’s having a decent season, by most accounts.  His OPS?  .684.  Would you like to know who has a higher OPS?  My grandmother (drum rollcymbal crash).  Gosh I’m like butta’  I’m so  a roll.

…Ricky Nolasco has given up 20 homers.   That in and of itself is a stat to look at.  He has given up 115 hits.  I will do the math for you:  that is 17.39% of his hits surrendered going over fences.  AND 9 of the last 42 hits he has given up were homers (21.43%).  Ricky, just hit the guy!

… but Randy Wolf (who had a 5 homer-allowed game) has him beat.  Over the past month (30 innings) , Wolf has surrendered 14 walks and 27 hits.  How many for long john silverbombs?  9.  That, ladies and germs, is 1/3, or 33.3%  Wow.  Hopefully, you have benched him accordingly.  And have prayed to the trade gods.

… Speaking of trades, J.J. Putz hasn’t given up a run his last 12 and 1/3 innings- Will someone please let him close?  Or can the Red Sox trade for him?  I just watched Hideki Okeydokeyjima give up a laser to Crawford.  The other Sox don’t need him.  Please?

Joey Votto leads the NL in runs created.  He has 21 homers and 59 RBI’s.  His OBP is .395.  He has 751 total bases.  His middle name is Daniel.  And he might not be an All-Star.  This is sad.  And infuriating to all Votto owners.   But also a sad commentary on the voting system for the game and how it is treated by the MLB

… Over the last month, your #4 and #6 leaders in hits?  Gaby Sanchez (39) and David Dejesus (38).  This is interesting to me, sorry.

Carlos Santana is VERY good. (9 2B’s and 5 Homers good.)

… That Wilson Betemit is still in the Majors?


OK that was mean.  But NOW YOU KNOW!


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