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Follow-up Poll:

kinda looks like he's doing something inappropriate

Seeing as my last article spawned an immediate response (a first for the blog, I’m touched you’re watching closely) and some of the chatter I’ve been reading, I thought I’d ask:

be honest.



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Fantasy GM: Mariners Edition

Probably could have a ring on all five of those fingers if you went to Boston.

In order to try to liven up the discussion in the comment section, I am going to propose an old trade scenario  that you would face if you were Jack Zduriencik, GM of the Mariners. The trade is from last season when the Red Sox told the M’s they could pick five of the following eight prospects:

Clay Buchholz

Daniel Bard

Michael Bowden

Justin Masterson

Nick Hagadone

Josh Reddick

Yamaico Navarro

Felix Doubront

For Felix Hernandez.

I know that trade never went down but, lets assume the Sox come back and offer that again. Who do you take and why? I know this isn’t fantasy baseball related (although you could talk about how King Felix would do in Boston) but we need to get some discussion going.

Have at it.


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David Hernandez Update

The first step in his breakout has begun.  He’s worth a flier in deep leagues.  Keep an eye on him in all formats.

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David Hernandez- 2010 Outlook

I’m going to say it now before ESPN steals him from me like they did with Sean Rodriguez (I called him this year’s Zobrist a month ago for our newer readers).  Hernandez is a pitcher to watch this season.  The erratic starter has dynamic stuff.  The issue has always been control (3.8 BB/9 in the minors).  He has been absolutely lights out this spring.  Even though he is pitching in a tough division, I would definitely keep an eye on him.  He could be this year’s rags to riches story , i.e. 2010 Jorge De La Rosa. (I swear ESPN if you take this from me I will drive right down to Bristol).  Hernandez’s stats in the minors show he has a big league arm.  This could be the year he breaks out.

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