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Handicapping the Oscar Races For Baseball Fans

With the Oscars taking place in just a few short days, we do what comes naturally: make comparisons between nominees and MLB players that may or may not make sense. Everyone does it. If not, everyone will do it.  They put the start of spring training and the Oscars in the same week for a reason…Right?  You’re welcome, internet.

...and you're welcome, Amurrrica.

…and you’re welcome, Amurrrica.

The Actors

 Hugh Jackman

 Oh, Hugh again. Jackman’s Jean Valjean searches for security, for liberation from Javert’s merciless pursuit in Les Miserables (the second word is silent, or at least the pronunciations are trending that way). Jackman has cemented himself as a bankable action entertainer and awards show host, but he is still seeking to earn his place among the finest actors (see the elder three in this category). Perhaps this performance has pushed Jackman from action star to layered big screen performer, but for now he is…Mike Piazza. The ladies love him. Everyone knows who he is. He performs at the highest level of anyone in his position (catcher for Piazza, film actor/host/stage actor for Jackman) and does so with a prominent geniality.

this is not recommended athletic attire.

Bradley Cooper

Baseball-appropriate facial hair? Yes.
Oscars-appropriate facial hair? Maybe.

I cannot argue with Daniel Day-Lewis taking home the award on Sunday night (the essentially unanimous prediction), but Cooper’s performance in Silver Linings Playbook is one worthy of the award in most years and worthy of our praise right now. His real, raw, riveting portrayal of a man struggling to find himself amidst psychological chaos has, for this viewer at least, pushed Cooper into that same group that Jackman hovers around the edges of. Having made his mark in comedies like The Hangover, look for Cooper to reach superstar status as an Oscar-level performer in the next few years, perhaps beginning with the promising work The Place Beyond the Pines, coming this year starring Cooper and Ryan Gosling. Having showed off his versatility and ready to establish himself as a consistent, superstar performer, Bradley Cooper is…Andrew McCutchen, the standout who is primed for another elite season.

Denzel Washington

Not Jay Pharoah

This is Washington’s 6th Oscar nomination. Wow. One of the most likable and consistent actors in the world for the past two-plus decades, Washington probably won’t take home the trophy this year, but he has long since established himself as more than just a pioneer for minority actors. Washington will go down in history as one of the greatest actors of this or any generation. With 2 Oscars, 2 Golden Globes, and numerous other memorable performances, Coach Boone/Frank Lucas/Det. Alonzo Harris/Mr. Shuttleworth is a surefire “Hall of Famer” for our purposes. He is… Derek Jeter. Sometimes you want to hate him (or his characters), but you just can’t because he is so doggone consistent and effective. Knows how to win on the big stage and constantly delivers, even as he gets older and older and should be breaking down.

Main difference? Denzel does not have a scent.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Oscar-producing machine.

This is Day-Lewis’ fifth Oscar nomination, and he will likely be taking home his third trophy. Having won for his stimulating performance in There Will Be Blood in 2008, a victory this weekend would give Day-Lewis two wins in six years, a remarkable stretch in this field. He will never be the most bankable star in Hollywood, but Day-Lewis has proven over the past two decades that his ability to disappear wholly and beautifully into a character is second to none. He brought Lincoln to life just as he did for Daniel Plainview, Bill “The Butcher,” and many other figures over the course of his career. He’s got a little to a lot of craziness in him, and we can’t always understand him, but his overwhelming talent cannot be denied. Daniel Day-Lewis is… Albert Pujols – the machine pumping out award-winning roles, homers, what have you. We can’t always understand what he’s saying, but he quietly goes about his business and constantly exceeds high expectations.

Run-producing machine.

Joaquin Phoenix

crazy, exhibit (a)

With his role in The Master, Phoenix reminded moviegoers that he is more than a certifiably crazy person. Don’t get me wrong; he is still seemingly absolutely loony. That being said, this role was perfect for him: An unstable man in an unstable world trying to find meaning. This is Phoenix’s third nomination. His performances in Gladiator and as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line were worthy performances but could not overcome more worthy nominees in Benicio Del Toro and Philip Seymour Hoffman doing an uncanny Capote, respectively. A man with a wealth of talent and a impressive body of work, Phoenix’s actual identity has often taken the forefront over his incredible performances. He is…Manny Ramirez. Heck, he’s probably peed in weirder places than the Green Monster. Their offstage, off-field actions often overshadow their Oscar, HOF-worthy work on the screen or field. Eccentric and inane without question, and always entertaining.

crazy, exhibit (2)

The Actresses

Jessica Chastain

Oscar nominations back to back years? She aight. Zero Dark Thirty is a relevant and well-timed work, and the same can be said for its budding star. Seemingly in every movie out there since The Help, Chastain, like Mr. Cooper above, is on her way to reaching superstar status. She’s already taken home a Golden Globe for her role, and she and Lawrence seem to be the frontrunners in this category. A late bloomer who has loudly announced their sticking around, Jessica Chastain is…R.A. Dickey, another performer whose story and work could not have come at a better time. Chastain’s work comes in a film as relevant to American livelihood as any out there. Dickey’s work was a wonderful respite from the talk of steroids and suspensions.

Jennifer Lawrence

I would like to kiss her on the mouth.

Confession: I may be a bit biased here, as I would like to maybe marry Jennifer Lawrence. Moving on. She won’t be going away for some time with The Hunger Games continuing as well as what is sure to be a full offer sheet for at least a decade. Jennifer Lawrence is only 22 (within range for me!). Already a nominee in 2011 for the delightfully titled Winter’s Bone, Lawrence absolutely came alive as Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook. She and Cooper lit up the screen, and without Day-Lewis, a sweep for Playbook would seem likely. Nevertheless, I am excited for Lawrence not just because she is my future wife, but also because she has decades before her filled with stunning performances like the ones she has turned in for the past few years. With undeniable talent, youth, and a wonderful passion, Jennifer Lawrence is…BRYCE HARPER. Is she a great interview? That’s a clown question, bro. Would I marry him? See last answer.

Yikes.  Still might kiss him on the mouth.

Naomi Watts


Nominated in 2004 for 21 Grams, this is Watts’ second Oscar nomination. In all likelihood, she won’t win this year, and she shouldn’t, but her performance as a desperate survivor in The Impossible is worth the OnDemand fee. A solid Hollywood star who isn’t quite among the elite performers of her time, Watts is still a respected veteran. She is… Aramis Ramirez. Yes, the resemblance is uncanny. And yes, they are both boringly effective, producing solid work that may not be remembered years from now without some prompting.

I wish we could provide context for this.

Quvenzhané Wallis 

Wallis is electrifying in Beasts of the Southern Wild, as you have probably heard. You probably also know that she was only 6 during filming…I was starring in critically panned home movies at that age…I haven’t made much progress since. Still only 9, who knows what’s in store for Wallis, and who cares to be honest. For her sake, I hope she lives a normal childhood and goes about life as she pleases…naaaahhhhhht gunna happen. I’m not too worried about her though. With an infectious spirit on and off the screen, I think Wallis will be a Hollywood force somewhere along the road. Given her age, innocence, and unknown future, Quvenzhane Wallis is… Aroldis Chapman, still blissfully immature but brimming with talent and energy. We don’t know what the future holds for them, but we know their work will be done with a room-filling smile.

Emmanuelle Riva

Riva is really old. Sorry, but it is the truth. Having the oldest nominee ever and the youngest in Wallis in the same group is something special that will surely produce laughs or even tears on Sunday night. Riva has been in about a million French films, most of which I haven’t heard of, but her performance in Amour is heartfelt and beautiful, and I’m glad to see her recognized in this talented group. She’s old as balls but dammit she’s got talent. Emmanuelle Riva is…Torii Hunter. She’s done a lot of work we may not remember, but it’s all been pretty good. Little known fact, she also robbed Barry Bonds of a homer in 2002. She loved playing Triple Play, the greatest video game of all time. Also, maybe Torii is a French name or something. Thankfully, she’s far less active on Twitter.

Keep your opinions to yourself. Just rob homers.



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Moving On

I'm packing up the first half, trying to forget the misery for my team. I should write a country song

With the first half now officially in the books, it is time to look back and get all nostalgic.  Or in my case, look back at the guys on my team on the DL and the players I didn’t pick up.  Also, being a bit… well… odd… I have taken it upon myself to compile some tidbits of (almost certainly NOT) useful information, clips, and thoughts on what was a very interesting first half.  And so….

-> David Dejesus is in the top ten (9th) in hits with 107.  I feel as though I have mentioned him quite a bit.  We should get him on our team
-> Cliff Pennington (who?!) has 6 triples.  This just seems odd to me.  He has the pedigree (1st round pick in 2005) but man oh man is he playing well.  This just got me thinking about my favorite statistic- triples.
-> Pennington has those 6 triples in 288 at bats.  Dexter Fowler has 7 triples.  In 189 at bats.  That’s a triple every 27 at bats. Shane Victorino leads the ML in triples with 8.  In 352 at bats (that’s almost double- 1.86 times- the at bats).  That equates to once every 44 at bats. Your ML leader in homers (freakin’ Jose Bautista, the former Pirate great) has 24 homers in 304 at bats.  That’s once every 12.7 at bats.  I’m not sure what this means, other than Dexter Fowler and his crazy long-as-a-giraffe legs are wicked fast.
-> One of my favorite players, Jonny Gomes, has 60 RBI’s at the break and 8 of those have come from sac flies.  In his career, Gomes has 295 RBIs and 29 sac flies.  That’s 9.8% of his RBIs coming from the sacrifice fly.  He can play for my team.  More importantly, he is due for one of his hot streaks coming out of the break, so heads up.  In a similar story, Troy Glaus has 58 RBI and is also not going to continue scuffling, I promise.  Grab him if he’s been dropped.  You heard it here, maybe not first, but you did hear it.


-> Juan Pierre has a major league leading 32 steals!  That is impressive.  His .615  OPS however, is murderous in the  fantasy realm.
-> Speaking of steals, Pierre is usually part of my least favorite stat- caught stealing.  I hate players who routinely get caught.  I hate getting caught (wink, wink, nod, nod, cough, cough).  This is interesting because I have Matt ‘Underachiever of the Year Award’ Kemp on my team, who is 15 of 25 stealing.  That’s bad, Kemp.  I thought I had Matt Kemp, not Shawn.  At least he’s better than Torii Hunter, who must be dragged down by an extra ‘i’ and meager 7 of 17 stealing bases.
-> Your league leaders in caught stealings?  In the NL that would be Nyjer Morgan.  In the AL, returning to Shaggy-esque glory, the one, the only, Scotty Pods, tied with his partner in crimes, Juan Pierre!  It’s like everything is right in the fantasy world!  Single dimensional almost-players!
-> Daric Barton has 54 BBs and 59 K’s, a .378 OBP, and has played solid first base/DH.  This just proves that when it comes to Oakland, sometimes boring works.  Sadly, this strategy doesn’t really help your fantasy team.  His name is also Daric, which sounds like an evil emperor of something.
-> Mark Reynolds has 119 k’s.  Swing away, Merril.  Yup, that’s a Mel Gibson movie reference AND  a Joaquin Phoenix reference all in one!

so they can't read our brains.

-> Carlos Beltran has not struck out or been caught stealing…. Nor has he played a game… but did you really notice?  Isn’t that saying something?
-> Sticking with K’s, two players to look out for in keeper leagues and in the second half  if they can correct their K:BB ratios- Drew Stubbs (89 K : 31 BB) and Austin Jackson (86K : 23 BB).  If these head closer to 50-50, look for their OBPs and other stats to jump…
-> Rickie Weeks (422) leads the majors in plate appearances.  Mostly because that lineup turns over so much.
->Your leaders in singles: NL- Martin Prado.  No way! Where did this guy come from!!?!  Oh wait… nailed it. AL-  Ichiro.  Ichiro is going to go down as one of the most consistent fantasy and major league players of all time.
-> Weeks and Carlos Quentin lead the NL and AL in HBP, with 17 (WOW!) and 12, respectively.  HBP is my second favorite category in all of the fantasy world.  Just rub some dirt on it and jog to first, gentlemen.
-> No surprise here, but two tubby fellas lead in GIDP.  Billy Butt-ler with 21 and Panda Sandoval with 19 (man, what a disappointing season he’s having…)
-> Jeremy Hellickson is still in the minors.
-> The two pitchers having the most phenomenal years fewer-than-there-should-be people  are talking about lead in ERA+, which adjusts ERA for parks and such.  They are Josh Johnson and Clay Buchholz (245, 182).  Read that again.  Someone should really write about how good Buchholz has been…
-> Some quick thoughts: Carlos Santana was WELL worth the wait/ Brennan Boesch is this year’s Garrett Jones and has the same name as a Step Brothers character/ WATCH OUT FOR DAYAN VICIDEO IN THE 2ND HALF.  Seriously.  Put him on the watch list right now/ Brad Bergesen hurt himself filming a TV ad for th Orioles.  Do not let Arietta and Matusz anywhere near him Baltimore!
-> First Half rookie standouts (not yet ROY’s)
AL-> Boesch
NL-> Leake      honestly, this guy did what everyone thought Strasburg would be doing right off the bat, the leap from High School to the majors.  It’s pretty incredible the stats he has amassed.
-> Who we predict will be the Rookies of the Year going foward:
AL: Carlos Santana (edging out Boesch)
NL: Strasburg, even if he falters at times, he has been nothing short of brilliant (with Leake and Heyward getting plenty of votes)
———-> My favorite catch of the year courtesy of Nyjer Morgan.
More musings to come, especially about some guys to nab in the second half.  But until then,
I like candy, everybody likes candy, that’s why Halloween is such a popular holiday (yes, that’s a real Backyard Baseball HR call)

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