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L.J. Hoes in Different Area Codes: AK



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L.J. Hoes in Different Area Codes: IA


not heaven.


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L.J. Hoes in Different Area Codes: TX

LJ pensive on a TX ranch...

LJ pensive on a TX ranch…


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Spring Training 2013: Non-Roster Invitees With Great Names

Spring Training is upon us, thank goodness, and there is baseball to be seen.  MLB.tv is in full swing and might be the greatest technological advancement of all time until Google starts augmenting reality and we begin living in a real-life science fiction movie (happening).  Anyone can see any team from anywhere.  It’s wonderful to see live baseball, poorly timed swings, and poorly chosen facial hair (here, for example).  The real fun comes in the sheer NUMBER of players involved in this magical time of year.  Sure, the games are therefore often mismatched in terms of competition and sure, some games end in ties (which is gross, but understandable).  But as someone who prides myself on having a widespread knowledge of the most intimately useless knowledge of baseball, Spring Training always serves as a magical time to discover some truly obscure players and some stupendous names.  You might not have had the time to look over the spring training rosters, so I did (thanks, wikipedia!) and culled the best and oddest names I came across, limiting the search for Non-Roster invitees only for the sake of rarity.  Sorry L.J. Hoes – you have my favorite name of the spring, but you’re a 40-man roster man.  Without further ado, some of the most interesting non-roster invitees of the spring:

Gary Sánchez   C   NYY

Though NOT affiliated with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay in ANY way, the name warranted inclusion.  He’s actually a solid prospect.

Slade Heathcott   OF   NYY

Do you know any non-fictional person named Slade?  Exactly.

Matt Buschmann   SP   TB

I’m more of a Coors man, myself.

Brock Bond   IF   SF

Simply an awesome baseball name.  Sounds like one a video game would generate.

Kevin Quackenbush   P   SD

You are welcome.

J. B. Shuck   OF   LAA

Oddly, speaks fluent jive

Kyle Knudson & Dan Rohlfing   C   MIN


Great names.  More to the point, great MLB catcher names.

Adam Weisenburger   C    MIL


Made me think of this (one of my favorite scenes ever).

Nick Struck   P   CHC

I await the day where we can see N. Struck and J. Outman in a boxscore.

Wirfin Obispo   P   ATL

Considering naming my first-born Wirfin.

Yangervis Solarte   IF   TEX

From the club that gives you Elvis…

Sugar Ray Marimon   P   KC

Can’t decide between jokes here.  I just wanna fly?  Something about frosted tips?


Josh Booty (yes, him)   Knuckleballer   ARZ

Josh Booty

Heh, booty.  Booty-Booty-Booty-Booty Kunckin’ everywhere?  Anyone?

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….ring my bell.  imagine if that song blasted every time he hit a homer?


Josh Bell is quietly making himself comfortable (2 homers last night) this year getting ready for a solid 2011.  I’m saying thias as fact.  If you miss out on Mike Stanton next year, this kid is worth your prospect flyer.  I was shocked at the rashness of the Dodgers when they traded Bell for…. wait for it… George Sherrill.  The kid can mash.  From his minor league numbers, a 40 double, 20 homer, .370 OBP is very realistic- if you’re willing to deal with the 3:1 K:BB ratio, which isn’t un-usable. I mean, people draft Reynolds as a top 30 player despite the K’s, and all you’ll be doing is taking a late round flyer on some kid for Baltimore.  I love doubles as a telling sign that someone can hit, and it appears the O’s have found another sweet swinging doubles hitter with some pop.  I say mark him down for your next year’s draft.  As in sooner, rather than later.


Sermon over, remember Bell draft time next year,

enjoy Anita Ward.




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David Hernandez Update

The first step in his breakout has begun.  He’s worth a flier in deep leagues.  Keep an eye on him in all formats.

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David Hernandez- 2010 Outlook

I’m going to say it now before ESPN steals him from me like they did with Sean Rodriguez (I called him this year’s Zobrist a month ago for our newer readers).  Hernandez is a pitcher to watch this season.  The erratic starter has dynamic stuff.  The issue has always been control (3.8 BB/9 in the minors).  He has been absolutely lights out this spring.  Even though he is pitching in a tough division, I would definitely keep an eye on him.  He could be this year’s rags to riches story , i.e. 2010 Jorge De La Rosa. (I swear ESPN if you take this from me I will drive right down to Bristol).  Hernandez’s stats in the minors show he has a big league arm.  This could be the year he breaks out.

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