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New Spot, Same Guy?

Every once in a tasty, tasty Blue Moon, Dave, who once wrote things for this site, comes up with a good idea.  He posed this question to me, and I thought it was an excellent one:


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Winnie the Pujols…Been Poopoo

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POLL: Manny to ChiSox?

evil shenanigans







screw you, Mannywood 

thanks to mlbtraderumors for keeping us up to date 



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Poll: David Price, Must-Start Ace or Semistud Starter?

With his start today being early, I’ve been thinking about David Price and the player he has become.  King Felix turned a corner in my mind a while back and is now a no-brainer starter.

This leads me to poll the audience, all 3 of you…


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Update 2.0: Hanley to Apologize

God, I feel like I’m reporting for US Weekly.

After sitting down with Freddi Gonzalez, Andre Dawson, and Tony Perez (YIKES- I’d pay to be a fly on the wall in that closed-door meeting), Hanley Ramirez has had the crap scared out of him (I expect) and those esteemed veterans seem to have gotten through to the shortstop, though barely, as he will be apologizing to his teammates (link)

Hanley still owes Freddi Gonzalez an apology, but I doubt that will ever happen.

but who knows?  maybe I’m just overreacting…

let’s test out a feature of WordPress for our fan(s)!


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