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BREAKING: Soriano signs with Yankees

John Heyman if Sports Illustrated is reporting that Rafael Soriano has signed with the Yankees to set up Mariano Rivera. The signing is in contrast to previous statements made by Yankees GM Brian Cashman, who said he would not sign Soriano because he did not want to lose the Yankees first round draft pick.

This 3-year, $35 million deal is an interesting move. Soriano just lost a ton of value fantasy-wise. Yes, he will probably put up the same numbers, but without the saves, his overall value plummets. However, he would be an interesting guy to pick up for keeper leagues: there is a possibility that he could now be the Yanks closer of the future. If he is indeed the closer of the future in the Bronx, he will pay off not this year but maybe next year or the year after. Also consider this: Rivera is 41 and could go down with an injury. Soriano is a guy to take in the later rounds or pick up on the waiver-wire, depending on the size of your league.


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Interesting Match-up of the night

This evening I am going to be starting a new segment: “Interesting match-up the night” where I will preview and what I feel is an interesting match up, pitcher vs. hitter. Anyway, tonight I am putting Carl Pavano vs. Evan Longoria. So, Longoria is 1-8 with 3 k’s against Pavano in his career and Pavano is coming off two complete game gems. This is a perfect situation for Longoria to break out of his slump as Pavano is probably not going to be real sharp after throwing 18 innings in 10 days. Look for Evan to go 2-5 with a single, a 2B and 3 RBI.

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Strasburg Hype

“Get off your knees mlb.com and media in general.  Strasburg is great but people are acting like he is a legend already.  He has great stuff and should develop into a star, but there is no need for titles with ridiculous alliterations every time he throws.  Calm down.  How about some articles about great pitchers that have completely flown under the radar? Colby Lewis is having a dominant year but I don’t see one story about him.  Open your eyes and do more than ride the hype bandwagon.” 

That was me venting on MLB.com.  The Royals win a great game 1-0 and what happens the second the last out is recorded…

Strasburg’s strikeout show not enough

Yes. He is amazing.  But headlines like “Strasburg Sizzles” are ridiculous when he gives up 9 hits in 6ip and gets the loss.  Everyone has heard enough about this kid already.  Let’s not add to the already insanely-high bar by scrutinizing his every pitch.  He throws 103mph and pitches in the NL East.  The Nats timed his callup perfectly so that he would face 4 miserable lineups (Pit., Cleveland, CWS, & KC).  As incredible as he may be, there is way too much attention being given to Strasburg.  This strong of a spot light is not healthy for him, not to mention steals the praise of other deserving pitchers.

On a side note: Looks like the Marlins got tired of the massive Cajones that are Freddi.

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I love me any excuse to post silly pop songs from the 90’s

In America, there is nothing we love more than a comeback.  Rocky (clip, dude, there were six of them).  MJ (clip).  And yes, the 2004 Boston Red Sox (where did you think I was going with that?).  So let’s take a moment and appreciate two finer than fine comeback seasons in this young 2010 fantasy baseball season: Mr. Andruw Jones and Mr. Colby Lewis.

Andruw Rudolf Jones

You’re likely more familiar with Mr. Jones, so let us start with him.  Yes, this is the same Andruw (Rudolf????) Jones who was a legit 30-20, if not 40-20 threat in his youth and was an easy 30 homer guy only 4 or 5 years ago.  Jones had to be disappointed in his last few years, but let’s not forget he was never a .330-average type guy (don’t believe me?  Look.).  Jones reported to the Sox this year some 20 pounds lighter and is showing it with a youthful flair so far this year.  Says manager Ozzie ‘Crazy Train’ Guillen,    “He came [into spring training] with one goal — to play every day. I remember having a conversation with him. I said, ‘If you swing the bat good I will play you.’”      Jones seems to have taken that to heart and is enjoying fresh legs and honestly, the perfect park for him this summer- Chi-city is an absolute LAUNCH pad for someone like Jones this summer.  Jones has always had pop, and it looks like he’s ready to work again, so he’s a very real power buy IF you’re sipping my Kool-Aid (OH YEAH… shameless, I know).  I grew up with Jones long arming bombs, heck I imitated his looping reach out in WiffleBall to perfection, and I’m telling you- he’s back like bad Chinese food folks.  Bad analogy, but the moral is pick him up (I blew my loquacious stack in the previous paragraph, so sue me).

Colby Preston Lewis

I swear I didn’t know it before, but wow are we talking about some guys with awesome middle names!  Now Colby Lewis’ story you may not know.  He was drafted originally by the Rangers in 1999 and has been injured/bouncing around for years never quite sticking (A’s, ChiSox, KC, Washington) and ending up in Japan (having rotator cuff surgery in ’04).  Let’s just say he showed Japan who was boss (i.e. America, whatup.).  To the tune of 369 strikeouts in 354 innings in 2008 and 2009 (all stats here). I don’t care what league you are in, those are some serious K’s.  And Lewis has always been known for making batters miss, from Bakersfield College, to his scattered minor league resume, to Japan.  I feel very safe in assuring you that his strikeout potential is real.  He has most recently posted back to back 10 strikeout games and boasts a 38:13 K:BB ratio (in 32 IP!!!), always a sign of continued success, just ask Baltimore (or Daniel Cabrera (clip?)) what it’s like to have that ratio flipped.  Couple his K-readiness with what I see as a system-wide kick in the ass to the pitching staff by Nolan Ryan (I don’t care what actually transpired, I like to think the old fireballer tells his pitchers to stop being lil’ pansies and throw the damn ball. I am crediting Nolan Ryan.  Because he is my favorite. And has no patience for namby-pamby pitchers. ).  Having thrown plenty in Japan, there is little risk of him breaking down like a normal young-gun (Yup, I’m talking about you Mike Leake and your even K:BB rate).  Colby Lewis is making a statement (did you see this line!!!!?!?!?!)- I suggest you listen.  And pick him up.  This is a unique comeback experience, join the bandwagon!  And grab some K’s.

no comment needed?

Me, I missed on both.  So I’m speaking regretfully.

GO get ’em folks, I’m doing some serious, serious LOST research before Tuesday.

Until then, enjoy The Black Keys


KIDDING!  Did you think I wouldn’t post the actual Marley jam!?!??! C’mon people….

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