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Poll: The (BIG) Domino Effect – Miggy to 3rd?

Wow.  Boras is sneaky like a fox.  HUGE deal for Detroit (puns intended) and it also means another burly slugger is moving across the diamond…..



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Offseason Outlook: 2011 Detroit Tigers

The Tigers tend to be a messy fantasy team, with the exception of one Miggy Cabrera, who continues to develop into a truly fearsome fantasy option.  Otherwise there tend to be a lot of single-category guys.  At least this is my experience with them, once you get past the top players.  With a solid farm system and some money to burn this offseason, the Tigers could be trotting out some new and new-er faces for the fantasy landscape in 2011.  So from pickups to rookies, here are some thoughts on the Tigers going forward.


is it just me, or is this tiger trippin' balls?

Carl Crawford/Victor Martinez

The talk is that the Tigers are going to be players for both men this offseason.  Crawford is the more interesting player in that park so let’s talk about V-Mart.  His numbers are not very good for his career at Comerica (.225 AVG, 4 HR, .321 OBP, .671 OPS in 189 AB) and he is clearly better suited as a player in fantasy at Fenway Park- and no, that is not my bias, he is an excellent Fenway hitter, the numbers don’t lie.  It would be interesting where they would play Martinez if he was to go to Motown, as that would affect some of the other players I will be talking about later (mainly Alex Avila).  Put Martinez before or after Cabrera in a lineup, though, and his value is bound to take an upturn in fantasy.  Cabrera is that type of fantasy entity.  With a young emerging team, Martinez would provide a veteran RBI presence in the middle and, who knows, maybe Magglio O rdonez will return (on the much, much cheaper) and the Tigers will have a serious meat of the order.  The Sox will likely win out if it comes down to money, but if they opt to spend their means elsewhere (read; Crawford), Martinez could be swinging in the spacious alleys of Comerica Park.

Now, Carl Crawford.  The Tigers plan on being players for Carl, or as Ken Rosenthal reports, they are “deeply interested.” Crawford, unlike Martinez, has pretty good numbers at Comerica Park historically.  But let’s throw numbers out the window for a moment.  If you have ever had the pleasure of watching Carl Crawford, you know he is a special kind of player.  You also know that he is stupidly fast.  Not just fast but fast around the bases.  When he gets a turn, it is almost as if you can see him shift gears to speed up.  Having said all this, a similar though lesser player, Curtis Granderson, hit over 50 triples in 4+ years in Detroit.  I love triples.  They change the entire dynamic of an inning.  Crawford would figure to be a 15-30-20 guy in Detroit (that’s triples, doubles, homers) without having a great year and that doesn’t even account for his steals.  Signing with Detroit means playing in a great park for his skill set, it will be interesting to see how Detroit plays the situation this offseason.


Will Rhymes/Scott Sizemore

One of these second basemen as hyped going into 2010, the other was not.  One performed well in his time in the big leagues, the other did not.  Let me spare you the suspense.  Will Rhymes outplayed Scott Sizemore in similar sample time.  The much hyped Sizemore looked overmatched at times, while Rhymes boasted an excellent 14:16 BB:K ratio in just shy of 200 AB, a stat I always find telling for a young player.  Rhymes posted a .350 OBP , doesn’t show much power other than good gap power at Comerica, but has good speed leading to 12 doubles and 3 triples.  This season will be interesting to see who plays where as both got time at positions other than second, with Sizemore playing some third.  Whoever ins out the battle for 2B in the spring will be worth noting in later rounds of deeper leagues as Sizemore will likely rebound and at least showcase SOME of the talent that led so many to be high on him and Rhymes proved he could hang with the big boys.  In deep leagues where you need MI help, either one could be looking peachy this upcoming season.


Brennan Boesch/Austin Jackson

Jackson dipped considerably in the second half but still managed decent numbers for a rookie post-all star break.  Brennan Boesch did not, batting .193 with only 9 extra base hits.  Much of the Tigers’ success will lie in how these two sophomores progress, or not.  Jackson’s splits revealed a baffling (to me, at least) discrepancy between BA versus righties and lefties.  Jackson batted only .226 against southpaws compared to .316 versus righties.  This is very odd.  The way I see it, the league made its adjustments against Jackson during the season and Jackson responded, posting solid-but-not-great stats down the stretch as pitchers figured him out.  Now it’s his turn to adjust.  Whether or not he does that right out the gate or takes a few months is beyond my intellectual capabilities, but I for one, and I speak as a adamant Jackson-basher all season, believe the best is yet to come from this young’n and there will be minimal sophomoric slumpage (that is, if he keeps his K:BB somewhere in this stratosphere.).

Boesch is another story.  He too had seemingly backwards stats, hitting much better against lefties than righties.  He also looked AWFUL in the second half.  The thing about most rookies taking a downturn in their first second half (read it again, it makes sense) is that there is usually something redeeming underneath.  A month with a good average.  A pocket of homers in.  A good BABIP.  A decent BB:K ratio (yes, I love it).  But Boesch just plain kinda sucked.  And having seen some of his AB’s against the Red Sox in the second half, I’ll tell you- it wasn’t pretty.  But I will do my duty and find the silver lining.  And it lies in that peculiar split I mentioned in the first place.  Boesch’s ability to hit lefties give me hope that he is a much better hitter than he demonstrated in his sloth of a second half.  These good numbers against lefties are a continued trend from the minors.  It is often very difficult for rookies to adjust to good pitchers from their weak side (i.e. lefty-lefty).  So it would appear Boesch has a leg up in that portion of the learning  curve.  Maybe.  I’m skeptical of Boesch because his hot streak did not last for my team and I am bitter.  Suffice to say, I’m not as optimistic about Boesch coming out strong as I am with Austin Jackson- and I spent all 2010 waiting for the other shoe to drop with him (it never really did).  I’m watching Boesch closely to start the year, because the numbers he put up to start were SERIOUS (doubles, walks, triples, and homers oh my!), but I can’t advise anyone to snag him with high expectations.


Ryan Perry/ Alex Avila

Two guys I would draft.  Perry has closer stuff and has yet to put it together for a full season.  There’s also Jose Valverde there so it’s holds and K’s galore for Perry for now.  He’s also a monster out on the mound and throws reaaallly hard, so keep that in mind-  He’s lanky.

Avila is going to be a good hitter and will likely have a shot to start at some point in 2011.  Didn’t quite make it on my catchers list, but that was more a function of wanting to mention Jake Fox than anything else.  He had a great September and has been in line for the starters spot for a few years.   Avila could be an absolute steal at the end of a draft when you need a second catcher.



That’s it.  That’s all I have about the Tony Trippin’ Tigers (seriously that picture creeps me out).


Until next time, enjoy Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP




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News: D-Train Headed to Desert, Bill F’n Buckner (not that one) to Detroit

In semi-recent news (with this newfangled ‘web’ thing terms like ‘recent’ and breaking take on new meanings), the De-railed D-Train has been moved to Arizona in exchange for the Billy Buckner 2.0. 

first stop: the pool.


This is not, I repeat NOT a call to arms, so to speak.  Neither pitcher is particularly exciting.  Buckner has been a matchup guy at best and I’m sure you’re familiar with Dontrelle if you’re reading this blog (I mean honestly, how would you have come across us if not for your upstanding Fantasy repertoire. Or lack therof, I suppose.  Whatever, just click the link if you want to recall when  he was good.) 


Dontrelle was pretty freakin’ sweet for a span of a couple years in Florida, don’t forget (seriously, here’s the link again if you didn’t obey earlier).  He is heading to the NL West- notorious for turning “hmm maybe-s” into “yea I could take a flyer-s” (see; Garland, Jon if you don’t believe me- have you seen him pitch?) 

While I don’t look forward to an implosion at Coors Field (I’m thinking that could happen), if Willis gets out of his own head he could be a very interesting guy in the upcoming weeks.  Imagine D-Train against that Giants lineup- If he’s a shell of himself it’s still worth watching.  I say add him to your watchlist now and add him at the first sign of a turnaround (In my book, 3 consecutive solid/promising starts). 

As for Buckner, he’s equally worth the watch list, though with less of a history.  The Tigers are a good team and play in a good park.  That’s a fact.  Buckner is a smart pitcher, getting lots of grounders when he pitches well.  This could be a diamond in the rough for Detroit if they stumble across a groundball-machine 4th or 5th starter, making him at least worth a pickup every once in awhile for ya’ll. 

Again this is all based on a lot of ifs, ands, ors, and buts- however I feel confident in saying that if you add both to your watch list, one will be worth adding at some point this season for some reason.  Two points to me for rhyming as I covered my butt there being vague. 

All aboard the D-train (I’m a fan, I do the leg kick), 

and good luck to him, I know he’s gone though some stuff mentally.  We hope he’ll get some redemption.  America loves a comeback, especially one from someone as fun and kind as Dontrelle (just ask Barry Zito). 








and not to mix sports but BEAT LA, BEAT LA, BEAT LA (sorry they’re chanting it at the Fens) 



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YES. My undying love for Magglio Ordonez pays off.  After a terrible start to the season last year, Magglio caught fire after the break, leading all major league hitters with an absurd 0.375 avg.  He continued his tear this March and it looks to be legit.  Hitting ahead of a chubby little masher, Magglio will get plenty of fastballs to destroy.   Many people attribute the rough start last season to his wife’s battles with cancer. With that battle behind him, Magglio can focus on what he does best now. I want him. You want him.


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Pitching Intrigue

This man is excited to move to the NL

The Marlins acquired Nate Robertson Tuesday and intend to use him as their 5th starter heading into the season. After a solid spring with the Tigers (2-1, 3.66), he may well have a good year in Miami. He has a tendency to give up the long ball and pitching in Dolphin Stadium (or whatever they call it now) will do him good. Also, getting out of the powerful AL and into a weaker NL will provide him with some relief.

To hammer home this point, lets look at some other pitchers who have made the transition from the AL to the NL:

Roger Clemens:

AL: 17-9, 3.91 ERA, 190K, 1.21 WHIP

NL: 18-4, 2.98 ERA, 218K, 1.16 WHIP

Andy Pettitte:

AL: (2003) 21-8, 4.02, 180, 1.33

NL: (first full season, 2005) 17-9, 2.39, 171, 1.03

C.C. Sabathia (mid-season trade):

AL: 6-8, 3.83, 123, 1.23 (122.1 IP)

NL: 11-2, 1.65, 128, 1.00 (130.2 IP)

Cliff Lee (mid-season trade):

AL: 7-9, 3.14, 107, 1.30 (152.0 IP)

NL: 7-4, 3.39, 74, 1.13 (79.2 IP)

Javier Vazquez:

AL: (2004) 14-10, 4.91, 150, 1.29

NL: (2005) 11-15, 4.42, 192, 1.25

AL: (2008) 12-16, 4.67, 200, 1.32

NL: (2009) 15-10, 2.87, 238, 1.03

Bronson Arroyo:

AL: 14-10, 4.51, 100, 1.30

NL: 14-11 3.29, 184, 1.19

While the first pitchers I have listed are top end starters, Vazquez and Arroyo are better comparisons to Robertson. One striking stat is Javy’s second stint in the NL with the Braves in 2009. Like Robertson this year, Vazquez was pitching in the NL East and had a much better year than his first year with the D-Backs. The good thing about Robertson is that he will probably drafted in the later rounds if he is even drafted at all. His first start of the spring for the Marlins went very well, pitching 7 innings giving up 1 run, 2 hits, 1 walk while striking out 6. If he continues this fast start, then take a chance on him if one of your other starters is struggling.

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